Automatic captioning tools for video have been around for several years and we're starting to see more innovation in the space. The Instagram Threads app quickly gained popularity on TikTok due to its ability to add automatic captions to a video just seconds after you press record.

The app also automatically bleeps out curse words making it a great solution for creating content that is suitable for a wider audience. While Instagram Threads offers plenty of great features for creators, the free app also comes with some limitations. Automatic captioning only works for videos up to 15 seconds long and an Instagram account is required to use the app.

The Apple Clips app is capable of live captioning longer videos, but is only available for iOS devices. Kapwing offers automatic captioning on videos up to seven minutes long for free, and is capable of captioning longer videos on the Pro plan.

Watch the video below for a full tutorial on how to get automatic captions in Instagram Threads, Apple Clips, and Kapwing.

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