bring stories to life.

Kapwing Teams is a collaborative platform for creating, storing, and working together on content. Welcome to your team's new content creation homebase.

Make better content faster

Create, review, and give feedback on content in one streamlined process. Your whole team can edit 10x faster using tools that automate video creation. Plus, all of your team's content is now stored in one place, so you can say goodbye to getting left out of the loop, losing files, and asking "could you send that to me again?"

Traditional editing vs Kapwing
Real time editing example

Edit in real time together

It's easier for everyone's creative vision to come to life when you edit simultaneously. Changes made to projects are seen by everyone, so there's no need to constantly share updated copies. It's like Google Docs, but for video.

Empower creators of all abilities

Everyone is a creator with Kapwing. All the tools you need to make videos are in one place so you can record, edit, and design content within minutes - no fancy equipment or prior expertise required.

Video editing buttons

Take your team's creative workflow to the