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Export videos up to 1 hour long
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Frequently Asked Questions
Who are you and what is Kapwing?
Julia and Eric, Kapwing cofoundersHi! We're Julia and Eric, the founders of Kapwing. Kapwing is our little company, and right now it's a very small team of us developing and maintaining the website. We are doing our best to build an ethical and long-term sustainable business.
Do you watermark all content?
No! We hate watermarks just as much as you do. Your image or video will not have a watermark if you sign in before you create it. Kapwing works better if you sign in! You can save to your account and more easily access all the features of our platform.
Why should I pay you?
Running and maintaining a website like Kapwing is expensive. Please consider supporting us so that we can be around for the long term. We love our free users, but we also want to build a video creation platform that makes the lives of content creators much better. To do that, we need revenue to support product development.
I really can't afford to pay! Are there any other options?
You can always use all the tools on Kapwing for free. Now, you can also remove the watermark for free, just by signing in.

Do you run a website or blog? If you write an article about Kapwing, we'll happily upgrade you for free.

Do you have an annual/yearly billing option?
Yes! If you want better value, then it is $17/month billed annually or $204/year. Click “Upgrade Workspace” to access the annual option.
Can I get a trial for Kapwing Pro?
Kapwing’s tools are available for free. You may try all of our tools before making the decision to upgrade. We do not yet offer a free trial for Kapwing Pro.
Can I share my Workspace or transfer my account to a different email address?
Yes. You can invite a different user to your Workspace so that both users can access all of the projects in the shared Workspace. However, it is not possible to change the email address on your Kapwing Account. You can create a new email account for the new address.
What currency are the prices listed in?
All of our prices are listed in USD. Any additional charges, such as fees, taxes, exchange rates, etc. are included in our prices. You will not be charged more than the listed rates. Our payments are powered securely by Stripe.
Can I really cancel anytime?
Absolutely yes. If you do not want to continue with your monthly or annual plan, you can always click “Downgrade Workspace” in your Pro Workspace Settings.

If you do cancel, you will continue to have access to all the premium features on Kapwing until the end of the original billing cycle.
Will I receive a receipt for my transaction?
Yes, you will receive a receipt for all transactions. It will be sent to the email address listed on the 'My Account' page.
Can I get a refund?
Kapwing offers refunds at our sole discretion, based on circumstances. Please review our Refund Policy before making a purchase decision.
What's the fastest way to reach you in case something is wrong with my account?
Your business is really important to us. Please visit our contact page for options on how to quickly get in touch.
What are my payment options?
All payments are made via credit card for Pro plans. Your payments are securely processed by Stripe, and the prices listed include all necessary taxes and fees.
Do you have an enterprise plan or team offering?
Yes! We are piloting our enterprise plan with several beta partners now (Spring 2020). Please reach out over email to inquire.