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  • Edit and store up to 3 projects at a time
  • 10 minute transcription limit
  • 1 folder count limit
Level up your workflow to make professional content for your brand.
per month, billed annually
  • No watermarks
  • Export projects with files up to 6GB
  • Export projects up to 1 hour
  • Edit and store unlimited content
  • Download SRT / VTT files
  • Make content private
  • Upload custom fonts
  • Export in 1080p resolution
  • Unrestricted video transcriptions
  • No folder count limit
  • Unlimited image background removals
  • Ensure visual consistency with Brand Kit
  • Access to all tools and premium features
Collaborate with your whole team and ensure brand consistency.
per month, billed annually
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  • Consolidated billing
  • Unlimited users
  • Priority support
  • Purchase and provision unlimited licenses
We are offering Kapwing Pro for free to qualified teachers and students!
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Kapwing?
Kapwing is an online content creation platform. We're used by millions of creators each month to tell their own unique digital stories. Our main product, Studio, helps creators create and edit videos, GIFs, images, audio, and more. We're a small team doing our best to run an ethical and sustainable business.
Why should I pay Kapwing?
Running and maintaining a website like Kapwing is expensive. Please consider supporting us so that we can be around for the long term. We love our free users, but we also want to build a video creation platform that makes the lives of content creators much better. To do that, we need revenue to support product development. Learn more about the Pro perks here.
Can I have a free trial for Kapwing Pro?
Kapwing’s tools are available for free. You may try all of our tools before making the decision to upgrade. We do not currently offer a free trial for Kapwing Pro.
Is Kapwing Pro a recurring payment?
Yes. Kapwing Pro is only available as a subscription not as a one time charge. The subscription will auto renew until cancelled.
Can I have a refund?
Because we offer a free version of Kapwing to all users, we do not issue refunds for subscriptions once you decide to upgrade to Kapwing Pro. Please review our Refund Policy before making a purchase decision.
Can I really cancel anytime?
Absolutely yes. If you do not want to continue with your monthly or annual plan, you can always click "Cancel Plan" in Account Settings.

If you do cancel, you will continue to have access to all the premium features on Kapwing until the end of the original billing cycle. Learn more about our subscription here.
What's the fastest way to reach you in case something is wrong with my account?
Your business is really important to us. Please visit our contact us page for options on how to quickly get in touch.
What currency are the prices listed in?
All of our prices are listed in USD. Any additional charges, such as fees, taxes, exchange rates, etc. are included in our prices. You will not be charged more than the listed rates. Our payments are powered securely by Stripe.
Will I receive a receipt for my transaction?
Yes, you will receive a receipt for all transactions. It will be sent to the email address listed on the Account page. Your billing history will also be accessible from the Account page.
Do you have an annual/yearly billing option?
Yes! If you want better value, then it is $16/month billed annually or $192/year. Click "Upgrade to Pro" to access the annual option. This will allow you to pay for an annual membership at a discount from the normal monthly price.
What are my payment options?
All payments are made via credit card for Pro plans. Your payments are securely processed by Stripe, and the prices listed include all necessary taxes and fees.
Do you have an enterprise plan or team offering?
Yes! Kapwing for Teams allows you to buy and provision licenses for members of your team. You can get started by creating a new team from the Workspace page. Read more about teams in this help center article.
Can I share my work or transfer my account to a different email address?
Yes. You can invite a different user to any of your folders so that both users can access all of the projects in the shared folder. For instructions to change your email address read this help center article.
I really can't afford to pay! Are there any other options?
Qualified affliates can earn Kapwing Pro for free, and you can earn Kapwing credit by referring your friends and colleagues to Kapwing. Please contact us to learn more.
Trusted by millions of creators all over the world
Headshot of Michael Trader
Best online video service ever. And a miracle for deaf people.
[Subtitler] is able to autogenerate subtitles for video in almost any language. I'm deaf (or almost deaf, to be correct) and thanks to Kapwing I'm now able understand and react on videos from my friends :)
Michael Trader
Information Services Freelancer
Headshot of Dina Segovia
This tool should be in every social media account managers' bookmark list.
I use this daily to help with video editing. Even if you're a pro video editor, their is no need to be spending hours trying to get the format correct. Kapwing does the hard work for you.
Dina Segovia
Virtual Freelance Worker
Headshot of Kerry-lee Farla
By the far the most user friendly software to use.
As a housewife at home looking to start a Youtube channel for fun with absolutely zero editing experience, it was so easy for me to teach myself via their YouTube channel. It takes the tediousness out of editing and encourages creativity. As long as Kapwing is around, I will be using their software.
Kerry-lee Farla
Headshot of Gracie Peng
Kapwing is my secret weapon!
This is one of the most powerful, yet inexpensive and easy-to-use video editing software I've found. I blow my team away with how fast and efficiently I can edit and turnaround video projects.
Gracie Peng
Director of Content
Headshot of Martin James
Kapwing is king.
When I use this software, I feel all sorts of creative juices flowing because of how jam-packed with features the software really is. A very well-made product that will keep you enticed for hours.
Martin James
Video editor
Headshot of Heidi Rae
Love this site.
As a English Foreign Language Teacher, this site helps me to quickly subtitle interesting videos that I can use in class. The students love the videos, and the subtitles really help them to learn new vocabulary as well as better understand and follow the video.
Heidi Rae
Headshot of Natasha Ball
Excellent subtitling features
[It] works perfectly for me. Have been using Kapwing for a year or so, and their automatic subtitle tool gets better and better every week, it's rare that I have to correct a word. Keep up the good work!
Natasha Ball
Headshot of Mitch Rawlings
Best online video service ever. And a miracle for deaf people.
[Subtitler] is able to autogenerate subtitles for video in almost any language. I'm deaf (or almost deaf, to be correct) and thanks to Kapwing I'm now able understand and react on videos from my friends :)
Mitch Rawlings
Information Services Freelancer