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Get paid real money to tell others about Kapwing. Learn about the Kapwing affiliate program, how it works, and how you can earn cash by sharing about Kapwing to your audience.

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How it works
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1. Tell others about Kapwing
Introduce people to Kapwing by sharing your unique link with them. Make videos, write blog posts, and distribute the link online.
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2. Those people sign up for Kapwing Pro
Anyone who clicks on your link and purchases a Kapwing Pro subscription within 30 days is counted as a sale you made.
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3. You earn up to 25% recurring commissions
You earn a percentage of every dollar we make from people you refer as long as they remain a paying customer for up to 12 months.
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What creators are saying
Brian White
Brian White
“With the Kapwing Affiliate Program, I am making substantial passive income just by creating a few tutorial videos. I am now making over $1,500 per month from those videos through my link. The most viewed video on my channel is actually a video about Kapwing!”

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make money with Kapwing?
By joining the Kapwing Affiliate Program, you can earn money spreading the word about us! When someone discovers Kapwing through your unique tracking link and signs up to Kapwing Pro within 30 days, you earn recurring commissions.
How much money do you make as a Kapwing affiliate?
How much money you make as an affiliate is completely dependent on you - there is no maximum on earnings. All affiliates start off as standard affiliates and then may move up to VIP and Super affiliates. With these tiers, you earn more money per commission.
Who can join the Kapwing Affiliate Program?
Anyone can become a Kapwing affiliate! All you have to do is sign up.
Is it free to join the Kapwing Affiliate Program?
Yes, it is totally free to join our affiliate program.
How do I get free Kapwing Pro?
You earn free Kapwing Pro when you become a VIP or Super affiliate in addition to other perks like access to an exclusive creator network, beta testing opportunities, and Kapwing swag!
How are referrals tracked?
Upon signing up for the affiliate program, you will be given a custom tracking link. Anyone who clicks on that link and purchases a Kapwing Pro subscription within 30 days is considered a sale attributed to you, and you’ll receive a percentage of the revenue from those sales. You’ll also have access to a dashboard where you can track your leads, conversions, and revenue.
How can I grow as a creator and affiliate?
After gaining access to the VIP or Super afifiliate program, you will be invited to networking channels and events with other top creators and marketers. By taking part in this eco-system, you may make invaluable connections to help launch your growth!
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To get started, sign up using the link below and we'll be in touch. We use an affiliate software called Tapfiliate to help affiliates manage and track their payments and understand their regular payouts.

Want to become an affiliate, but want to find out more before signing up? Please reach out to us so we can share more about the program. You can find more details on how to contact us here.

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