Our team at Kapwing is always looking to work together with other innovative companies. Learn about we can partner together on our mission of making content creation easier and more accessible.
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Working better, together

Creativity is best when it is collaborative. We're always seeking to work with innovative teams who share our vision to make content creation easier and more accessible. Below are some ways that we've worked with other teams in the past, but we're constantly looking for new ideas to better serve creators.

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Google Chromebooks + Kapwing

We've partnered with the Google Chromebook team to become a trustworthy video editing solution available natively on Chromebook. By turning Kapwing into a progressive web app, it becomes available offline and installable for Chromebook users.

Google was able to recommend a trustworthy video editing solution to Chromebook users, and we at Kapwing are happy to support more video editing workflows across all platforms.

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Unsplash + Kapwing

From the beginning, users have asked us for ways to pull in free images and videos to use alongside their projects. Now, we've partnered with Unsplash to makes millions of free, high quality photographs avaiable for content creators inside of Kapwing.

The official Unsplash plugin is one of many plugins avaiable within our app. Plugins are an easy way for any application developer to place their products or services in front of millions of potential creators each month.

Vertifilms + Kapwing

We partnered with Vertifilms to empower modern creators making videos in unconventional formats. Vertifilms is an international film festival that features vertical films made in the 9:16 aspect ratio by teams of all backgrounds, from hobbyists to professional video editors.

Our Kapwing editor is loved for its ability to create vertical content, so we worked with Vertifilms to celebrate this video format through the festival. Kapwing sponsored the Audience Award and hosted a lecture as part of the virtual conference that accompanied the film screenings.

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Kapwing in the News

When creativity and content meet, headlines are made. We're a team that's always trying new things and staying on top of the trends in content creation. If you're a journalist who shares our passion for content creation and content trends, we'd love to partner together on a story.

Our press kit, containing our logo in different dimensions, is available for download below:

Are you ready?

We know that the best ideas are the ones that we haven't thought of yet. If you feel excited about working together, please reach out to us with how it could be a good fit. We're open to partnering in many ways that can support our users and our team.

Want to learn more about partnerships? Either send an email from the contact us page above, or fill out the form below with some basic information about yourself and your company, and we'll be in touch shortly!

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We can't wait to hear from you, and we're excited for the possibilities when we're partners.