Video editing is the final frontier of software tools moving to the cloud. Our work of making next-gen tools for today's creators is a challenging, but important endeavor. Join us on our mission to make content creation easy, accessible, and collaborative.
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Our open roles

From engineering, to marketing, support, content, and operations, there's a huge array of things that we do at Kapwing to make sure we can keep serving our users and customers well.

The positions that are currently open at Kapwing are constantly being updated. We also know that the best candidates don't always fit into a role description. If you feel excited about joining us on our mission, please reach out to us with how we could be a good fit.

Note: Job posting scams are on the rise! All open roles will be listed here on our website where you can apply directly. We will not contact you from a,, etc. or request personal or bank information during the interview process. If you would like to verify someone contacting you regarding employment opportunities please email [email protected].

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Making Content Creation Easy

Everyone is a creator. The problem, however, is that today's tools get in the way of expressing our creativity fully. Especially when it comes to video, the gap between an idea and a video is wide enough that it's hard to even start.

Our software exists to bridge this gap. Anyone should be able to turn their ideas into a reality, and it shouldn't take heavyweight applications, expensive software, or years of experience. Making video should be easy, and our tools should improve our ideas, not get in the way of them.

Want to see for yourself? Watch the video above to learn more about our team, our values, and what it's like working at Kapwing on the day-to-day. We asked Kapwing employees what it's really like working here and these are some of the answers.


While every day brings a different challenge at a startup like Kapwing, our product focus is to build the best software for editing video online.

Building a product that millions of creators rely on is a challenge that we take seriously. Our focus is to deliver a quality, reliable experience that can match the power of a traditional desktop editor, but have all the benefits of being in the cloud.


Being a pure software company means that technology is at the core of our DNA. Enabling video editing in the browser means that we're constantly pushing the edge of what's possible.

Creating a product that can handle video at scale involves many moving pieces. We're using technologies like WebAssembly, FFmpeg, React, TensorFlow, and many other of today's latest tools to build our software.

Being online means that we can take video editing to the next level, and incorporate AI where it can help the creator. Today, we have several features like the ability to auto-generate subtitles, as well as a way to remove video backgrounds. We're always curious to see how we can push our technology as far as we can.

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With over 10 million views on our YouTube channel, we use the very product that we have built everyday. Our approach has always been to make good content and try new things.

Making software to create content and creating the content itself go hand in hand. Understanding today's creators helps us iterate and make better tools over time.

Our Values

Get better everyday
Get better everyday
We strive for excellence and we value our craft of writing quality software. At work, we want to challenge ourselves to improve every day.
Done is better than perfect
Done is better than perfect
Trying new things quickly matters at Kapwing. We've always believed that the best way to learn is to try to put something out there, and then iterate and improve it over time.
Inclusion matters
Inclusion matters
We take pride in our diverse team and a safe and inclusive community at work. We're a female-founded, female-led company. We actively make sure our office (virtual or not) is a safe space for everyone.
Have fun
Have fun
We don't take ourselves too seriously here at Kapwing. We're a product that people use to make all sorts of silly memes.
Speak up
Speak up
Kapwing is a place where different stories and opinions are valued. We want kind debates, because we know that they will lead us to the best product.
Think original
Think original
We love change - and we never want to get stuck in one way of doing things. We embrace what's relevant at any given time.
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Backed by top investors
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Kapwing offers competitive benefits for well-being, including health, vision, and dental insurance.
Time off
We keep reasonable hours, and when it's time to rest, we take that seriously. We offer unlimited paid vacation and ask our team to take minimum 2 weeks off each year.
Parental Leave
We offer paid time off for new parents to focus on the things that matter most.
Team events
We do our best to host weekly team events so that everyone has a chance to get to know others at the company. Many of our events have been hybrid so that everyone can participate - we've had flower arranging, tie dying, making candles, and much more!
Company offsites
A few times a year, we get together in person to talk about company direction and new ideas, but most importantly to have fun. In the past, we've done ski trips and special dinners.
We'll give you a new computer and help provide any other office equipment that you need to do your best work.
Free Office Lunch
If you're in the office, lunch is on us. We also have a variety of healthy snacks and drinks to keep you fueled throughout the day!
We have a corporate 401k plan that employees can access and take advantage of for retirement planning.
Friendly community
We know its important to feel safe and valued at work, and we've set policies to ensure that everyone can be and feel like their fullest selves at work.
Open Positions

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