Creation made simpler, faster, and more accessible
Kapwing is an online video creation and editing platform for modern creators. Our mission is to enable digital storytelling.
Kapwing empowers people to make and share their stories on the internet. Our online video editing suite includes the web’s most popular meme maker, subtitler, trimmer, looper, filters, and more. You can make stop motions, share highlights, or resize a post for your Instagram Story. It's free and always will be.
We think video production should be an intuitive, accessible task, not a full-time profession. Kapwing gives people the tools, content, and inspiration they need to express a creative vision in video. Kapwing serves the people sharing a video with their friend, the content marketers who need to edit a video efficiently, and the creators who entertain the world. Freelancers, artists, students, and influencers use Kapwing to craft digital stories without the software getting in the way. Our product principles:
  • Simple: Design that communicates the function
  • Accessible: Free. Works on all screen sizes and operating systems.
  • Fast
We serve the people who make video as a small part of their lives, not the full-time film makers. Kapwing creators make video to share with friends, fans, or a following from all over the world.
It's free to use Kapwing! Our features are available to all users. We have a premium subscription for users who want to remove a small Kapwing watermark from their output video. More info.
The name "Kapwing" was inspired by Bill Watterson, the artist behind the Calvin and Hobbes comic. Watterson invented the word kapwing for the sound of something ricocheting, like the sound of a bullet hitting metal. Check out our blog post on our love for the name Kapwing!
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We're Julia and Eric, the CEO and CTO of Kapwing. After graduating from college, we worked together for two years at Google then left to start Kapwing. We were both amateur video creators, but didn't make or share many videos online because we didn't know how to use professional editing software. We started building better tools, one at a time, for the kinds of videos our friends wanted to share. Over time, we realized there was a demand for a modern video editor and leveraged new web technologies to launch Kapwing.
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We launched the first version of Kapwing in October of 2017 and bootstrapped the business for seven months before deciding to raise money. Check out the Kapwing blog for stories about our entrepreneurship journey and our random side projects like the Museum of Websites, the Mobile Mockup Maker, a gallery of Startup Demo Videos, and a Rick Roller extension.
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We're based in San Francisco and love to hear from users, potential partners, and the press. Check out our Contact Us page to learn more about how to reach us.
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