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Kapwing's mission is to enable digital storytelling. We believe that we can empower everyone to create, edit, and share video, and we're working towards this goal by building a collaborative, online tool for editing video and creating content.

Editing video made fast, collaborative, and easy

If someone wanted to start a YouTube channel today, there's a lot that goes into making the first video. Planning out a story, filming clips, and collaborating with other creators is hard enough - not to mention the many years it can take to learn a traditional video editing software.

What if there was a web-based tool that solved these problems? Creators could upload and edit their footage all in one place, and in real time, collaborate with their peers. Exports could happen instantly and all in the cloud, and sharing would just be a matter of copying a single link.

Kapwing exists to make this storytelling workflow easier for the next generation of creators. Creating video should be intuitive and accessible, and our tool exists to help bring your ideas to life instead of getting in the way.

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Our values
Done is better than perfect
Trying new things quickly matters at Kapwing. We've always believed that the best way to learn is to try to put something out there, and then iterate and improve it over time.
Get better everyday
We strive for excellence and we value our craft of writing quality software. At work, we want to challenge ourselves to improve every day.
Have fun
We don't take ourselves too seriously here at Kapwing. We're a product that people use to make all sorts of silly memes.
Inclusion matters
We take pride in our diverse team and a safe and inclusive community at work. We're a female-founded, female-led company. We actively make sure our office (virtual or not) is a safe space for everyone.
Speak up
Kapwing is a place where different stories and opinions are valued. We want kind debates, because we know that they will lead us to the best product.
Think original
We love change - and we never want to get stuck in one way of doing things. We embrace what's relevant at any given time.
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If you have product feedback or questions or comments about your experience on Kapwing, you can find our contact information on our contact us page. We also regularly write about our startup journey on our blog. You can also find us on Twiter and Youtube. We'd love to connect with you!