For fans of music, TV shows, singers, or actors, creating supercut mashup videos is a great way to combine your favorite clips and snippets into one video.

A mashup video can be any number of different things: most commonly, it refers to a compilation of songs or music videos, showcasing your favorite tunes, throwback anthems, TikTok dances, or the best tracks of the year. But it’s also increasingly common for people to use “mashup” to refer to fancam compilation videos, TV show supercuts, or compiled highlights from popular streamers or YouTubers.

The easiest way to make a mashup video isn’t an app you can download on your phone or computer – it’s actually on the web. Using the Kapwing Studio to create your mashup takes only a couple minutes, lets you make every edit you need, and saves tons of storage space on your devices, since you can use any videos you found online without downloading them. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Open the Kapwing Studio
  2. Upload your videos, songs, and photos
  3. Trim, arrange, and combine your clips
  4. Export, download, and share

Step 1: Open the Kapwing Studio

You can start creating your mashup video on any device you own – computer, phone, or tablet. Just open your web browser, head to, and select Start Editing to enter the Kapwing Studio.

Step 2: Upload Your Videos, Songs, and Photos

A fully edited mashup video might contain all sorts of media – videos, GIFs, songs, voiceovers, photos, and text. In the Studio, you can upload any video or audio file you want.

A screenshot of the Kapwing Studio upload screen.

Just drag & drop your files into the window or click Upload to find them on your device or paste a link to content you found on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, SoundCloud, or almost any location online.

Step 3: Trim, Arrange, and Combine Your Clips

When all your files are fully uploaded to the Studio, you’ll see them all on the Timeline at the bottom of the screen. This is where you can make most of your edits: start by clicking and dragging your layers on the Timeline to put them in the order you want, and arrange the video and audio clips that you want to play together.

A screenshot of a mashup video being edited in the Kapwing Studio timeline.

Mashup videos will most likely only use short sections of each video or audio clip, so you’ll need to trim your files down. In the Timeline, drag and drop the beginning or end of a clip to trim it to the portion you want to use. If you want to make a video layer silent, select it and drag the Volume slider all the way to the left. And if you need to use just the audio from a video clip (like song videos from YouTube), right-click on the video layer, select Detach Audio, and delete the original video layer.

While you’re in the Studio, you can make any other edits you need. If you’re creating a music mashup video, for example, it’s probably a good idea to add labels for every song and video you use. Select Text in the upper toolbar, type what you want the label to say and customize everything from its color and font to its animation style. Your text layers will be added to the Timeline, where you can trim and move them just like any other layer.

A screenshot of text being added to a mashup video in Kapwing.

You may also want to add transition effects between your clips. Start by putting two video layers directly next to each other on the Timeline and selecting either one. Then, select the Animate tab in the upper right and choose the Beginning or End button under “Apply Transition.” You can add either a Cross Dissolve or Cross Blur transition between your videos.

Step 4: Export, Download, and Share

When everything in your mashup video looks just the way you want, click the red Export button in the upper right corner to start processing your video. Longer files may take a few minutes to process, but most mashup videos should be ready in under a minute. When your video is done processing, click Download to save it straight to your device. To save time and storage space, you can also share your video directly to Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook using the buttons on the right.

A screenshot of the Kapwing download page.

I hope this article helps you make your own mashup videos, whether you use music videos from YouTube, clips from TikTok, or scenes from your favorite show. For more tips and tutorials on creating great video content in 2021, check out the Kapwing YouTube channel, or read through other articles in Kapwing’s Resources library:

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