How to Share a Folder in Your Kapwing Workspace

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Sharing your Kapwing folder allows you to collaborate with others in real time without giving away your log-in information!

To share your folder:

A screenshot of the "share workspace" modal showing an owner of the workspace and an added member.
Share by email invite

1. Go to the folder you want to share .
2. Click the "Share" button.
3. Type in the email of person you would like to share your folder with.
4. Click "Send Invite" - an email invitation to your folder will be sent,

Sharing by link:

A screenshot showing the "copy link" option to share workspace by URL
Share by URL

1. Copy link
2. Send link to the user you want to share your folder with

To gain access to your folder, your collaborator needs to:

1. Open email from
2. Click "Join Now"
3. Sign in or create account by linking their Google or Facebook account
4. "Accept Invite" again after signing in

Accessing by link:

1. Click link
2. Click "Join Folder"
3. Sign in or create account by linking their Google or Facebook account

That's it - they'll have access to the folder that you shared with them to work on content with you!

Do keep in mind that once your folder is shared, they will have access to all of the projects in that folder. If you would like to create a separate folder for collaborations, just click on "Create New Folder" and invite your collaborator to that folder.

If I invite collaborators to my folder, will they also have access to Pro features?

No - a Pro subscription covers all the Folder within a single account. If you plan to collaborate with other team members, you can invite them to join your Folder, but if they are a Free Kapwing member, they will not be able to access projects older than 2 days or any additional premium features.

We recommend upgrading all team members to Pro accounts for the best collaboration.

Does Kapwing offer any enterprise plan or licensing for teams?

Yes! We offer a self-service portal where you can purchase licenses for Team members on one credit card easily, and have the security of licenses remaining with your Team, even if a Team member leaves the organization. This works well for teams of all sizes. You can learn more about how to use Teams and set one up for your organization here.

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