How to Upload Content onto Kapwing

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You're using Kapwing for the first time, and you've entered the editor - what now? How do you proceed to upload your awesome photos, videos, and audio to Kapwing to edit? There are a few different ways to start, and we walk through every single one of them here!

  1. Uploading a file from your device
  2. Upload files directly on to your folders
  3. What files can be uploaded / what files are supported
  4. Uploading with a URL
  5. Troubleshooting

How do you upload a file from your device?

There are a few different ways to go about uploading files to Kapwing.

When you create a new project, in the middle of the editor, you will see the option to "Start with a blank canvas" or to upload content.

A screenshot of the upload page with a red box around the upload section with a click to upload, drag and drop, URL, and google upload options.
The upload page

Here, you have a few different options:

1. You can click and drag your file into the upload.
2. Once the file has uploaded completely, you can edit your content!


1. Click inside the dotted box that says "Click to upload"
2. Select the file you would like to upload.
3. Double click the file or click "Open".
4. Once the file has uploaded complete, you can edit your content!

You also have the option to upload content to your Media Library. All content that you upload to a project will appear in this library. By default, you will have a view of all media currently in your Media Library - this can include files from other projects. To view content specific to the project you are in, click on the "This Project" tab.

Uploading straight to the Media tab will add media to your project without placing it in the Timeline right away. Access the Media tab by clicking "Media" in the left sidebar of the editor window.

A screenshot of the left sidebar with a red arrow pointing to the "media" tab and the media library with a red box around the upload area
The media library

To upload content to the Media tab, you can drag and drop your file(s) into the Media tab bounds.

A GIF screen recording showing a Spongebob png image file being dragged over the media drop zone and then dropped and uploaded to the media library
Dragging and dropping into the Media Library

Or, you can click within the "Add Media" box to view our full selection of upload options.

A GIF screen recording showing the "add media" button being clicked, and the upload modal popping up with options to upload files, URLs, or directly from Google
Click the "add media" to upload files, urls, previously exported project, emojis, or files directly from Google

How do you upload files directly to your folder?

Some users find it helpful to upload multiple files directly into their folder to store them, or for easier access when creating their project. Uploading multiple files to your folder is also helpful when you're collaborating with other people in the same folder.

To upload files directly into your folder,

  1. Click the "Upload" button in the top right corner of your folder next to the "Share" button
  2. Drag and drop or click to select the file(s) that you want to upload
A screenshot of the workspace view with a red box around the "upload" button on the top right corner
Uploading to folder

When you upload files directly to your folder, the files will automatically be processed and exported.

How do you upload files from the Folder into a new Project?

  1. If you're starting a new project, choose to "Start with a blank canvas".
  2. Select "Upload" from the top bar above the canvas.
  3. Select "Projects" from the upload pop up.
  4. Choose the file or project from your folder that you would like to upload.
A GIF screen recording showing a user clicking the "upload" tab from the top bar next to the "subtitles" tab, and the upload modal opening, the "projects" tab being clicked, an export project being selected, and the file being uploaded into the project
Uploading exported projects from a folder into a new project

What can be uploaded to Kapwing?

Images, GIFS, videos, audio files can be uploaded to Kapwing. We also support .srt uploads in our standalone subtitles tool and Studio. Custom fonts .tff or .otf with Kapwing Pro.

What video file types can be uploaded to Kapwing?

Currently we support .mp4, .mov, .webm, .mp3, .m4a, .ogg, .avi, .3gp, .mpeg, formats. If there is a file type you would like to see supported, please let us know at [email protected]

What file quality does Kapwing support?

While you can upload files up to 4K, we currently only supporting up to 720p SD for Free users and 1080p HD (1920 x 1080) for Pro users. We recommend uploading files that are 1080p maximum resolution, to improve playback performance and export times. Files with higher resolution than that may take longer to export, because we have to lower the resolution before putting together the final file.

Unsure how to reduce your file size? We have a tutorial for that here.

How do you upload an image or video with a URL?

URLs of videos, GIFs, music, or images (eg. YouTube, Google Drive, Facebook, Instagram, Periscope, SoundCloud) can be uploaded to Kapwing. Linked content must be public or shareable. Make sure you have opened link sharing permissions so that Kapwing can import your file.

1. Copy the URL for the image / video
2. Paste URL into the "Paste an image or video URL"  bar below the "Click to upload" box
3. Video should automatically load onto platform. To upload an element directly into the canvas, utilize the upload button included in the top bar of the canvas. To upload an element into your media collection, click the "Media" tab located in the bar on the left-hand side of the Studio, then click "Add media" to view upload options.
4. Once the video has uploaded completely, you can create your content!

A GIF screen recording showing a user clicking the "upload" tab from the top bar next to the "subtitles" tab, and the upload modal opening, a URL being pasted and the file being uploaded into the project
URL uploads

Whenever you upload a link to Kapwing, we try to extract the video from the website where the asset is located. In order for pasted links to work on Kapwing, our engineers consistently update our code to support the format of these third-party websites. Periodically, these websites will make updates on their own that impact Kapwing's extraction success. We then react by updating our code to support the new format.

Unfortunately, this means that there can be occasional downtime on our pasted link upload feature, for websites such as YouTube or Instagram, as we have no control over when other websites update their format. If you run into a link upload issue from a support website, please notify us at [email protected] and we will notify our team ASAP.

If the link you are trying to upload is not supported, you will receive an error.

We do not yet support imports from all websites. Have a website you want to import from that Kapwing doesn’t support? Let us know at [email protected]

Troubleshooting Uploads

I have fast internet, how come it is taking so long to upload?

Most consumer internet services are designed to "download" data or load webpages faster than "upload" or send data. If you experience a fast internet connection in general, this is likely due to your internet's download speed. Kapwing requires that files are completely uploaded to our cloud servers before exporting, so please be patient! This is how we enable users to process videos without needing a powerful desktop computer.

Canceling your Upload:

If your upload appears to be stalled or stuck, you can cancel the upload and try again.

To cancel an upload in Studio:

  1. Look for the loading indicator.
  2. Click the "trash can" icon.
A screenshot of a file uploading in the media library with the text "downloading..." where the image thumbnail should be with a red box around the trashcan icon in the top right corner

Note: Clicking "X" will only hide the loading indicator, but not cancel the upload.

Remember: The maximum upload size on Kapwing is 250MB for free users and 2GB for paid users, and videos over 1 hour cannot be processed on Kapwing.

After uploading your files, learn How to Use Kapwing's Timeline Editor!

Looking for more help?

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