How to Combine Videos on iPhone

Looking to piece together some congratulatory videos or clips from a previous vacation? You've come to the right spot. Expensive video editing applications aren't necessary — simply take advantage of Kapwing's free, online tools! I'll show you how:

How to Combine Videos on iPhone

Looking to piece together some congratulatory videos for a quarantine graduation? Or, maybe you’re hoping to compile all the videos you took during your last trip and reminisce on better times. Regardless of the reasoning, combining videos doesn’t have to be a strenuous feat.

Many people immediately assume you must use a video editing application such as iMovie or other costly softwares in order to compile videos together. They’re wrong. You can easily take advantage of free, online tools such as the Kapwing app that will help you create what you have in mind in a matter of minutes. Here’s how:

  1. Upload your videos
  2. Edit
  3. Download

Step One: Upload Your Videos

If you don’t already have the Kapwing app, go ahead and download it — it’s free in the App Store! Then, once you’ve got it queued up you’re going to want to locate the “Tools” section in the bottom toolbar. Find “Combine Video and Images” and click to get started! Select all the videos you want to combine from your camera roll and upload where designated.

Step Two: Edit

Now with all the videos ready in the studio, make any edits you may deem necessary. For instance, I’m going to trim some of the clips for smoother transitions and change the crop of the final video. If you want to add further edits such as text or audio, press “Edit in Studio” in which you’ll be presented with a more expansive array of options.

Step Three: Download

Once you’re happy with what you’re looking at, you’re going to tap on the red “Publish” button at the top of the screen. Kapwing will process your finished video and then you simply have to select “Download” and it will save to your Files app! Now you have a brilliantly crafted compilation of videos from your iPhone ready to be enjoyed and shared.

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