Life doesn’t happen in one clean cut. Or at least, it never quite comes out that way on film. I often have tons of videos I’ve taken on my phone that I’m eager to share with my friends and family. But choosing just one is hard when there are small gems in each clip. A solution to this is merging all your clips into one video. In this article I will show you how to merge video using Kapwing’s free online Video Montage Maker.

video montage maker

How to merge your video clips online using Kapwing:

  1. Upload your videos
  2. Arrange them in the right order
  3. Download and share

Step 1: Upload your videos

Upload your videos to Kapwing’s video merger tool. You can upload your videos one at a time or all at once. If you have videos from the internet you want to include, you can paste the URL to upload. You can also upload photos or GIFs to combine with your videos.

merge video

Think about videos that would look good joined into one continuous video. This could mean similar color palettes, videos from only one event or trip, or videos with all the same people. For my example I wanted to create a travel recap video so I used all my videos from my time in Portugal.

Step 2: Arrange your videos/photos

Rearrange your clips into the order you would like. Think about which clips work best next to each other and position them accordingly. You can drag the clips to reorder them and remove if you decide you don’t want them. Before uploading, you can also trim each clip down to just the best part to make your merged video even more powerful.

trim video

You can also select the format you want your final video in (I chose 1:1 (Square), whether you want your video cropped or not (I chose to zoom and crop), and how long the photos in your montage should be (I went with 1 second).

Kapwing also has an option to Trim the video clips so that you can cut down the section that you want.

Step 3: Save your merged video

When you are finished merging your videos together into one combined video, click “CREATE!” to export it. This will take you to the Download page where you can save your video to your device. Use this guide if you are saving to iPhone.

Check out the simple merged video I created:

Thanks for reading! We’re working on adding audio support to the montage maker so that you can add music to your merged output — until then, you can upload your finished video to Kapwing’s Add Music tool.

Kapwing supports photos, videos (up to 300 MB), and GIFs, so you can merge multiple different media types together. It’s free to use, although the output video will have a watermark in the corner that you can pay to remove. Because Kapwing is a website, you can use it on any phone, computer, Chromebook, or tablet. It’s an excellent tool for bringing your creative slideshows to life!

Video tutorial for combining videos

For more ideas, tutorials, and features, check back in at the Kapwing Resources page or our YouTube channel!