How to Send Large Videos Through Email

Gmail and Outlook have video size limits of 20 to 25MB, however, video projects tend to be much larger. Here's how to send large videos through email.

How to Send Large Videos Through Email

Are you a video creator and want to send your clients a video to review through email? Do you want to share a video in your email campaign to increase customer engagement?

There are many reasons why professionals and entrepreneurs might want to send a large video. Unfortunately, email platforms such as Gmail or Outlook have video attachment limits up to 20 to 25MB.

In this article, I’m going to use Kapwing to show you two different ways to send large videos through email. Here are the four steps to sending a large article over email:

  1. Upload Your Video to Kapwing
  2. Paste the Video Link in Your Email
  3. Create and Download a Screenshot from the Video to Include in Your Email
  4. Link the Video Screenshot

Step One: Upload Your Video to Kapwing

Head over to the Kapwing Studio in your browser. You will have the option to get started, upload a video, or paste a video link. I’m going to upload a video that is 122MB. Upload or paste a video link and wait a few seconds until your video loads into the Kapwing Studio timeline.

Once your video is in the timeline, you can browse and try different tools to make any edits to your video. Some of the most popular tools are trimming, adding subtitles, and meme generator.

After making edits, you can export the video by clicking on the arrow next to the Export Video button. Select Export as MP4 and wait until you reach the Download page. On the Download page, select Copy Link.  

Go into your preferred email application and compose a new email message. In the body of the email, you can paste the video link and send your email.

Step Three: Create and Download a Screenshot from the Video to Include in Your Email

Another way to include and send a large video in an email is to capture a still from the video and attach a link to the still. To do this, go back to the video by clicking Edit on the Download page. Select Export as Image and choose a frame that you like, then click Download.

Go back into the Kapwing Studio and upload the still image that you previously downloaded. To entice your email recipient to watch the full video, we’re going to add a transparent play button image to the selected frame by searching in Images. After placing the play button in the middle of the image, Export as Image and Download the new still.

Transparent images typically won't have a background like the two play buttons in the second row on the right

Go into your preferred email application again and drag the image into the body of the email (make sure you’re not uploading the image as an attachment). Highlight the image and click Change to paste the video URL or you can select the link icon on the bottom and insert the video link there. And there you go! I hope this article helped you understand how to send and share large videos in an email.

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