If you're in between the ages of, say, 5 and 65, you probably love the weekend – time off, shorter hours, maybe some extra sleep to make up for the 45-hour workweek or the 35-hour school week. (If you work full hours on the weekend... we all feel for you.)

But Friday is almost as good. It's the pre-weekend... the pre-kend! So if you think the people around you could use just a little boost to get through the last 20% of the workweek, send them some energy with some Friday memes. Quick, funny, and relatable memes can inject positivity into your Slack channel at work, your group chat with friends, or even your family's fridge on Friday morning! I'm going to show you some A+ memes for celebrating the end of the week, and walk you through how to make your own memes using Kapwing!


Use an Existing Meme

Friday Freedom is fairly relatable to everyone, so there are plenty of memes out there that express just the right thing.

Like when you're drowning in work, but it really doesn't bother you (at least not today):


Sometimes, you just don't want to think about work at all (we get it):


Or you can just express your pure end-of-the-week joy!


Other times, it's best to just repurpose an existing meme to fit the occasion and start the day off off with a joke:


There are so many ways to celebrate the end of the week with memes – get as creative as you want!


Use a Friday-Specific Meme:

Sometimes sympathizing about a common  annoyance can bring everybody (except for that one person) together in mutual frustration:


That moment in our collective internet history should be left behind forever, never to be mentioned again.

Or make your own meme from scratch!

If you have an idea that you think would make someone laugh as they go to work one last time before the weekend (Maybe some of my memes inspired you? Maybe?), then you can also make your very own meme from scratch!

With Kapwing, you can use pre-made templates for some of the most popular meme formats out there in our Meme Templates collection. Or, check out Kapwing's blank meme templates that help you organize your pictures, video, and text, in the most common meme styles! The top-text meme format with a white background is a good place to start, if you want to make custom memes like this:


Check out Kapwing's other basic meme templates with the Meme Maker! All you have to do is select and upload replacements for the placeholder layers and edit the text to look the way you want. In the meme maker, you can also use any of Kapwing's video and photo editing tools:

• Add pictures, GIFs, videos, overlays, & audio
• Add shapes
• Add text animations
Resize & filter

And if you want the rest of your group to make their own memes based on a specific format, picture, text, or inside joke, you can even make your own shareable, editable meme templates so everyone can join the fun. Just create your template with the Meme Maker and get your shareable link when your template is finished processing! You can also share your content on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with just one click. Just remember to tag us @KapwingApp whenever you share your content on social media!

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