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Aesthetic Intro Video Templates

Add an eye-catching intro to your next video with this free, online collection of aesthetic intro templates

Aesthetic intro templates for your video

A successful intro video hooks viewers in seconds. The combination of eye-catching visuals with helpful text adds clarity and sparks curiosity to improve viewer retention. This library of aesthetic intro video templates provides creators with tools they need to make a memorable intro video. No editing experience is required!

Every element of an intro video is vital to its success, and templates make it easy to accomplish this task. Kapwing's aesthetic intro video templates thoughtfully display soft details carefully arranged on the video background. With the hard work already complete, you can focus on adding your flair to the template.

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How to Make an Aesthetic Intro Video

  1. Choose a template

    Choose an aesthetic intro video template from the collection, and click the edit button to open the Studio.

  2. Edit Template

    Replace the images and video with your visual assets, then stylize the template with GIFs, emojis, shapes, and text. You can edit your video with Kapwing’s timeline editor.

  3. Export and download

    Click the export button at the top of the Studio, then download the final project to save it to your device.

Aesthetic Intro Video Templates

Using Aesthetic Intro Video Templates Online

Browse the collection, select an aesthetic intro video template, then click the edit button to open the Studio. You can use the Studio from any device with a browser. Delete the placeholder visual assets, then upload your content to the template. You can click and drag your content into the Studio or click the upload button to import your videos and images.

Drag the ends of a layer to trim your video, use the split button to remove sections, and arrange layers on the timeline to play in the desired order. You can use the toolbar to customize the video template. Add GIFs, animated text, emojis, and custom icons. You can also add video effects such as transitions, and apply the audio fade effect to layers. Use the audio tab to explore free music or upload audio.

When you're finished editing the aesthetic intro template, click the export button at the top of the Studio to begin processing your project. Then, click download to save the project to your device. If your video is over 5 minutes, you can sign in with an email address to remove the watermark for free, and store and edit projects for up to two days for free.

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