Best Memes of 2019 (According to Kapwing)

As the creators of Kapwing, we get to see tens of thousands of funny internet content clips made on our site everyday. In this article, we review the best 10 memes of 2019

Best Memes of 2019 (According to Kapwing)

Kapwing is one of the web's most popular meme makers. It was the first meme generator to support videos and GIFs, so it's a popular resource for dank influencers all over social media.

As the developers behind Kapwing, we get to see tens of thousands of funny internet content clips made on our site everyday. We also have visibility into which memes are trending and what formats are taking off. With a library of thousands of meme templates, we've sown the seed of common formats and can track their popularity on our site.

This article is our first annual review of the best and most popular memes made on Kapwing. I'll list the most best memes that originated in 2019. Browse, laugh, and make your own.

Best Memes of 2019

Best Memes of 2019

This category shows off the timely memes of 2019, the digital media trends that started this year and took over a corner of the internet. On Kapwing, we see these trends as a rising number of "rememes" on a certain format or template. Here are the top 10 most re-memed formats of this year.

10) The 10 Year Decade Challenge

2019 started off right with a bunch of "decade challenge" memes. In these #10YearChallenge meme, people showed pictures of themselves taken one decade apart side-by-side. The contrast illustrates the glow up!

9) Gillette Commercial Memes

In January, Gillette - the razor company – aired a controversial ad about men, boys, and masculinity. Because of the controversy about gender standards portrayed in the ad, the video was immediately memed all over the internet. One popular meme showed a scene where one man holds another one back after he checks out a woman.

8) Avengers Endgame Memes

Aired in 2019, the Avengers Endgame movie spawned thousands of memes. From Thanos memes to battle scene remixes, people spun the Marvel movie in all sorts of meme-able ways. Some of the most popular formats were made from the quotes "I see this as an absolute win" by the Hulk and "You could not live with your own failures" by Thanos.

7) Marked Safe Meme from Facebook

Facebook's feature to mark yourself safe from national disasters is no joke, but this meme makes the format funnier because people can mark themselves safe from anything vaguely threatening. With all of the terrors in 2019, you might need to make a custom Marked Safe meme for the sanity of your friends and family.

6) Area 51 Naruto Runner Meme

The meme-verse could not get enough from the naruto runner that sprinted behind the newscaster on this news clip from TV. It's already insane that the background is the desert, the abandoned "Area 51" that a mob of people threatened to invade in September of this year. But for a weirdo to dash behind the man with the microphone was too much.

5) Baby Yoda Waiting

The Mandalorian brought a new Star Wars hero to our lives: Baby Yoda. This photo of the little Baby Yoda staring up with big round eyes has been re-memed across the internet as a symbol of innocence.

4) Me Explaining

Buzzfeed called this meme - originally a combination of two viral social media posts - the "funniest meme...ever." It shows a girl trying passionately to explain her point and her mom (or friend) listening on the couch, not getting it.

3) Ight Imma Head Out, Spongebob

Spongebob memes are evergreen. In this precious meme, he gets out of his chair, and a clever meme maker added the caption "Ight imma head out." This format went viral in fall of 2019, helping sarcastic creators all over the world express how over boomers they are.

2) CallMeCarson Crying Next to Joe Swanson

Long live the genius that is Reddit. A brilliant YouTuber photoshopped a graphic of Joe Swanson from the Simpsons next to a screenshot of a Twitch streamer - CallMeCarson - crying on camera. Used to represent the irony of the bullied becoming the bully.

1) Woman Yelling at a Cat

This meme will go down in history as one of the best memes from 2019. So many gold, dank memes have been created from this side-by-side photo of a screaming woman and a displeased cat. Use it for any time when one person or thing is overreacting to a situation.

10) Spider Man Pointing At Himself Meme Maker

This simple meme is irresistible this year because it shows two spidermen pointing at each other accusingly, even though they realize that they're the same. Although the image actually originates from 2011, it is still popular at the end of the decade.

9) Ralph "(Chuckles) I'm in Danger" [2030]

Ralph from the Simpsons chuckles, but also says "I'm in danger." Use this meme for a time when you're feeling light-hearted even when you're in danger. Replace the caption above with an image or text box.

8) Alignment Chart Meme [2695]

Alignment chart memes aren't new, but they're still funny. This year, in 2019, meme makers continued to remix this matrix of good and evil in the world. Use this alignment chart template to map images from lawful to chaotic and show the truth about some topic, subculture, or subject.

7) Annoyed Bird Meme

Here, two birds are sitting on a branch when one small bird is over-ruled by a loud, squawking crow. The small bird is annoyed. This meme format spoke to people who have been shouted over by the loudest person in the room.

6) Regular Show Paper Meme

This is a series of screenshots from the popular cartoon "Regular Show."  The main subject ducks to avoid a paper with something written on it.

5) Lisa Simpson Presentation Meme

Ahh, another meme classic. Lisa Simpson, the daughter of Homer, walks across the stage giving a presentation. Meme makers write in her undeniable theory.

3) I Fear No Man

This series of images from Team Fortress 2 was one of the most popular formats of 2019. A man in shadows says "I fear no man," but that "that thing" "scares him." You fill in the blank panel with an image, text box, or photo to represent something truly frightening in your life.  

2) A New Challenger Approaches

With the dawn of a new Super SmashBros version comes the rise of a new meme template. From Melee, this scene shows a box of a new character or challenger approaching. Replace the box with any photo or image.

1) Drake Reaction Meme Maker

Yes, everyone knows the classic Drake Reaction meme. But did you know can replace the text with your own custom images? Make an original Drake format meme from this template.

Crab Rave Video Meme

This meme template is by far Kapwing's most popular meme. More than 100,000 crab rave videos have been created on Kapwing. This ultimate "anti-meme" shows crabs dancing on a beach with electronic music in the background. Technically, this meme is from years past, but I'm including it here because more memes were made in this than any other in 2019. So it's a winner in our book.

Thanks for reading! Those are the most popular and best memes of 2019 according to Kapwing

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