Aaah, the Democratic debates. Our one source of amusement on a random Tuesday and Wednesday night in July. But the entertainment has not ended with the candidates' speaking time. No, it has just begun.

BEHOLD! The best GIFs we could pull from the July 30th and July 31st 2020 Democratic debates. Use them with caution, for they are powerful tools of memery.

Cory Booker Reaction GIF


Never be caught in an awkward situation without the right reaction GIF again! That's the Cory Booker 2020 promise.


Bernie Sanders: "He is a fraud and a phony"

Oh, snap!

Use this Bernie meme to call out all the fakes in your life.


Joe Biden Surprise Reaction GIF

Say what?!

Use Joe Biden's astounded face to let the people know you are SHOOK.


Tim Ryan: "We have to invent our way out of this"

A story of American innovation.

The perfect meme for when you're in a sticky situation. There is always a way out!


Marianne Williamson: "I hope you'll come back to me this time"

Don't we all, Marianne. Don't we all.

This GIF is for those special moments that call for a passive aggressive response. Also for when you hope they'll come back to you this time.


Elizabeth Warren: "They do not have a God given right"

Tell 'em!

A fresh, modern take on the old adage "What gives you the right?" Also filed under "who do you think you are?"


Kamala Harris: "Let's talk about math"

2 + 2 = I don't think she's just talking about math

The perfect GIF for when it's time to crunch the numbers.


Julian Castro: "One of us has learned the lessons of the past"

o u c h 

Sometimes you've just gotta take it there.


Bernie Sanders: "I wrote the damn bill!"

I can hear this GIF.

Sassy Bernie at it again! Use this GIF if anyone tries to tell you that you don't know what you're talking about. You DO know. You wrote the damn bill.


We'll see you back again at the next major cultural event. For where there are cameras, there will be memes (Internet 30:330).