Deepfake videos and the technology behind them are taking meme culture to a whole new frontier this year. Tutorials and templates used to make Deepfake memes have been viewed and used hundreds of thousands of times on Kapwing in the last month and interest in the format is higher than ever.

The latest example of the deepfake meme phenomenon invokes the 2009 Nickelodeon television show Big Time Rush. Creators are deepfaking videos where people appear to sing the theme song from the show about four friends who leave their home in Minnesota to start a boy band in Hollywood.

The Big Time Rush deepfake follows the same steps as the Baka Mitai and Tokyo Ghoul Unravel memes using a python script and Kapwing's free online video editor to change the speed and add music. Watch the video above for a full tutorial on how to create this meme.

Follow these 8 steps to create your own Big Time Rush deepfake meme:

  1. Find an image you want to use for the meme and resize it to 256x256 in Kapwing

2.   Create a Google Drive folder titled "first-order-motion-model"

3.   Upload the following files to your folder:

4.  Open the Python code script

5.  Add this line to the start of the first code block: !pip install PyYAML==5.3.1

6.  Run each code block by pressing the play buttons - use the same Google account used in step 2

7.  Speed up the deepfake by 3x in Kapwing

8. Add sped up video to the Big Time Rush Meme Template

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