There’s been many times when I wanted to create a simple, but beautiful Instagram Story from multiple images. Instagram makes it easy to snap a picture, and post it to my story, but I haven’t been able to find a good way to give it some extra pizzazz and personality.

Some of the existing tools on the market have rigid templates that you can’t customize or are not free to use. Some don’t support video, which is important for your Story. We wanted to build a beautiful, intuitive tool that helps casual creators and creative professionals spice up their Stories.

So, we built the Instagram Story Templates editor and collection. Our thinking behind this product was to make something that made it really, really easy to create a beautiful Instagram Story.

Unified Editor

We started out with a few basic product principles. First of all, the product needed to support photos, videos, and GIFs on a Story-sized canvas. Second, the software had to work on both mobile and desktop to help professionals and influencers across devices. Third, it had to be both powerful and immediately intuitive. To accomplish this, we challenged ourselves to unify the tasks useful for video layout designers while keeping it simple enough that users didn’t need to take a tutorial to know how to use it.

The end result is more powerful than any of the other tools on Kapwing. The unified “Creator” helps people:

  • Add text and rectangles
  • Change the color of the background
  • Resize the canvas for different social media formats, including of course 9:16 videos and photos
  • Re-order the layers to define which elements are in the foreground and background
  • Choose custom fonts and colors
  • Change the size of everything dynamically (“magic resize”) with simple drag and drop
  • Time out elements to appear and disappear dynamically along the main video’s timeline
  • Edit designs retroactively so they don’t lose their work
  • Trim the length of your video

The unified Stories editor can help social media creators with so many different video and photo tasks. We have now replaced the Add Text to Video, Collage Maker, and Meme Maker (our most popular!) tools on Kapwing with the Creator and have seen video volume jump nearly 2x. We also launched a new Watermark Video tool and have written many blog posts exploring the new capabilities of the Creator.

Now, Julia makes all of the cover graphics for our blog posts and Kapwing’s social media posts using the unified Creator. For tech companies, the Creator can be used to drop screencasts into device frames for marketing purposes.

Unique Collection

Once we built the Creator, we wanted to showcase the beautiful, design-centered layouts it could make. So, we decided to implement support for templates, or replaceable placeholders that creators could drop their own photos and videos into. In the future, we hope that brands and teams will make video templates to scale in-house video production.

These Instagram Story templates would give creators inspiration for how they could leverage their existing content in minimal layouts to add personality and beauty to their posts.

The Kapwing Instagram Story templates collection has three sets of minimal templates:

Thousands of creators have used our templates and made their own custom designs. We plan to feature the best custom designs we see!


We launched Instagram Story Templates on Product Hunt and got more than 500 upvotes. Several news outlets have reviewed the Instagram Story Templates collection and editor, although most of them are non-English outlets:

And several others. It’s great to hear from journalists what the like and don’t about the product experience.

We would LOVE to hear your feedback. Do you hate it? Love it? Have specific suggestion for improvements? We’re always on the lookout to learn more from creatives and users. Enjoy!