When you film an epic video with a lame sound track, you may want to silence the video before you share it with friends. If you forget to tap the “mute” button or you have the video on your phone/camera, you can use a free website called Kapwing to remove the audio from your video. 

Why remove audio?

It’s useful to turn off the sound of your video when the clip has:

  • Distracting background noise
  • A sound or bit of dialogue to remove, redact, or bleep out
  • Uninteresting sound that you want to replace with music
  • Unclear or low-quality audio that you want to replace with a high-quality recording
  • Visuals that you want to sync with a different song

Meme makers and comedians often remix the sound of a YouTube video and need to remove the audio to replace it.

Tutorial: How to remove audio from your video

Step 1: Upload your video

Open Kapwing’s Mute Video tool and upload the video that you want to remove audio from. You can also paste a URL to a video, if it’s already on YouTube or somewhere else online

Step 2: Select the portion of your video to mute

You can choose the section of the video that you want to remove audio from by using the “Trim” button on the editor. Once the preview looks right, click “Create” to process your video with no audio.

Step 3: Download, share, and reuse

Download your muted video as an MP4 to share it with others or reuse in another video. Kapwing is free to use, but a small Kapwing watermark is added in the bottom corner. You can pay a small fee to remove it or subscribe to the unlimited no-watermark plan for $20/month.

I hope this article helps you remove the audio from your video using Kapwing! You can use this website from your phone or computer, and it’s simple to mute YouTube videos also. Let muted videos amplify the lolz.