You may have noticed: most cameras don’t have great audio quality. That’s why it’s so important to separately record your audio. However, this presents a new challenge: syncing the audio and video.

To fix this, you could subscribe to a fancy editing software or open up a clunky default program. But that’s not quick or easy. Syncing audio and video should only take a few minutes and clicks. Now with Kapwing, that’s possible -- and free. Keep reading and I’ll show you exactly how it works:

  1. Upload your audio and video
  2. Find the perfect timing
  3. Publish and download

1. Upload your audio and video

First, open Kapwing Studio, a web-based app for every device, and upload your video file.

Next, click ‘Audio’ at the top and upload your audio file.

2. Find the perfect timing

Now, play the video and watch for the moment the subject starts speaking. If you used a clap to signal the audio, look for that. Then, slide the audio dial to that exact moment in the video.

You may have to watch the footage back to perfect the timing. Kapwing makes it easy to find the exact second to sync the audio and video.

Also, you can trim the audio, adjust the volume tracks or loop the audio. Choose wisely.

Don’t be afraid to use Kapwing’s full suite of editing tools. Not only does Kapwing offers all the basic editing tools but also more advanced features like:

Add padding around your video
• Add fully custom subtitles
• Customize your background
• Add images and logos
• Change video speed
Mirror your video
Cut out sections
• Combine videos
• Make a video collage
• Export as a GIF
• Add fully custom text & animations

3. Publish and download

When you find the perfect sync, go back to the studio and click ‘Publish’ in the top right. Wait for the video to process and then you'll land on the download page.

Finally, you have a video with quality audio that you mixed in minutes -- without installing anything! Kapwing takes complexity out of tasks just like this to make creativity easy!

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