Graduations, weddings, and holiday parties are a cause for celebration! These moments will be remembered for years to come through photos and videos passed down from family and friends. Planning events for these special occasions takes time, effort, and a lot of teamwork. Everything from decorations to the menu design is taken into consideration to create a memorable day.

If your event is catered, a custom menu is a great way to accommodate dietary restrictions. Guests can make informed decisions with their preferences in mind without any confusion. A custom menu design can be a cherished keepsake to remember that special day and reinforces the theme of an event. A minimal menu reflects a simple yet elegant event, while glamorous menus reflect a decorative aesthetic. Below are some examples.

Restaurants can also make menus to advertise their takeout menus on social media or make printable takeaway menus for the pandemic era. To enable contactless ordering, you could also print a QR code on the menu that diners can scan to see a web version.

In this article, I'll show you how to create a simple menu design. With the help of a template, you can create menus for any occasion. We'll be using Kapwing, a free photo and video editor, to create our menu.

Set up the Canvas

Open the Kapwing Studio and click Get Started, followed by Custom, to change the canvas size. I'm setting the size to 2400 X 3000 pixels. These dimensions are for 8 X 10 paper, but feel free to choose dimensions that work with your layout in mind.

Click Elements and add a rectangle to the top and bottom of the menu. You can change the color of each rectangle by clicking the color panel or type in a hex code for a custom color.

Use this Free Menu Template to create your own design!


Add a Title

The rectangle at the top is where the title can be placed. You can add the name of the event or something fun like, "let's eat" in this section. I typed a phone number in the bottom rectangle, but feel free to customize this space how you see fit!

Add Food Items

Now, let's add the food items. Click Text to create a header for each category. In this example, my first header is appetizers. I created a new text box for the item name and description. You can customize the text by changing the font style and color or add an outline to give it more flare.

When you're finished typing, click the header, hold Shift, and click the remaining text. Click Duplicate and align groups next to each other. Change the text in each group to reflect your menu.

This is what your menu can look like after arranging each group and changing the text. My example includes three options for appetizers, entrees, and desserts. Customize your menu with the appropriate number of options and categories.  

Add Beverages

Let's add a section for beverages. Click Elements and choose the Line shape. Place two horizontal lines next to each other with space in the middle for the heading. You can adjust the line width, style, and color to match your preference.  

Click an Item Name, then click Shift to select the Description too. Duplicate the group and add them underneath the beverage heading. Now that I've added beverages, my menu is complete!

Export and Download

You can continue customizing the menu by clicking "Images" and searching for decorative elements. When you're finished putting the final touches on your menu, click Export, then Download to print.  

I hope this tutorial helps you create a menu design that captures the theme for your next special occasion! For more content, make sure to subscribe to Kapwing App on YouTube and follow us on Twitter at @KapwingApp.  Be sure to tag us in your work so we can see what you create!

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