The Best Video Podcast Software: Remote Recording and Editing Tools

Video podcasting has exploded in popularity. Here are the best video podcasting software programs to help you stay on trend.

The Best Video Podcast Software: Remote Recording and Editing Tools

As social media platforms like Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and TikTok have become more popular, so have video podcasts. Quick clips of longer shows perform incredibly well on these platforms and can drive new eyes (and ears) to your podcast. 

That’s why more and more podcasters are investing in video podcasts. Adding video to your podcasts requires more than just recording equipment, though. Using the right video podcast software is crucial if you want to create high quality podcasts and grow your audience.

With so many options out there, choosing software can be a difficult task. We’re here to help you narrow it down to the tool that’s right for your needs, whether that’s a remote recording studio or a powerful editor (or both!). 

In this post, we’ll share our list of the best video podcast software and the key features that make them special. With the right recording and editing tools, you’ll be ready to create great video podcasts in no time:

Quick look at our top picks

  • 🏆 Best online video podcast editing software: Kapwing
    Our online video editing tool makes it quick and easy to create podcasts. Quickly trim down your video by editing the video transcript. And our audio editing tools ensure that your podcast is free of long pauses, filler words, and unwanted background noise.
  • 💻 Best video podcasting software for remote recording: Streamyard
    If you’re not often in the recording studio with your podcast co-host or guests, you need a video podcasting software that can locally record crystal clear audio and video – even if your Zoom call is a little choppy. Streamyard provides easy-to-use local recording, up to 4K. No complicated OBS setup required.
  • 🖥️ Best video podcast software for beginners: Zencastr
    The free version of Zencastr is geared towards beginners and hobbyists, but we love the video quality. If you’re interested in professional podcasting, or if video podcasting is a hobby (totally valid!), the free software might be just what you need.
  • 💻 Best video podcasting software for Mac power users: Final Cut Pro
    Final Cut Pro has plenty of advanced features that translate well to video podcast creation, like object tracking, auto-subtitling, and multi-cam sync. The slightly higher learning curve isn’t a hurdle if you’re already familiar with the interface and keeping all your editing work in one place is great for streamlining your workflow.

The Best Remote Recording Software for Video Podcasting

1. Streamyard

Best video podcast software for remote recordings

Gone are the days when everyone needed to be in the recording studio together to produce a podcast. Many popular video podcasts are produced remotely now. Remote production does come with some extra hoops to jump through, but Streamyard helps simplify the process. We’re a remote marketing team, here at Kapwing, and this is the tool we use to record our weekly video podcasts.

Whether you’re interviewing a guest speaker or you co-host the show with a remote team member, everyone can record high-quality local video and audio with Streamyard’s online recording studio. Your recordings are saved automatically as separate files, available to download immediately after you wrap the episode. 

The best part is, Streamyard is browser-based, so there’s no software for you or your guests to download (and you know we’re fans of browser-based tools here 😉). You can invite up to nine guests (for a total of ten people on your podcast) with the paid plans. Even on the free plan, you can co-host your podcast remotely with up to four guests.

✅ Reasons to try:

  • High-quality local video and audio recording
  • Separate audio and video tracks for every participant
  • Invite up to 10 people per recording
  • Browser-based tool compatible across operating systems
  • Supports screen-sharing
  • Supports live-stream and multistream

⚠️ Reasons to skip:

  • Actual video editing capabilities limited

💲 Pricing:

  • Free 
  • Basic: $20/month
  • Pro: $39/month

2. Zencastr

Best free video podcast recording software

Zencastr’s free version is another video podcast software we like for beginners. The local recording feature makes for excellent video and audio quality, much better than Zoom and similar software. Zencastr is resource intensive, so you’ll have to have at least 10GB of free space on your hard drive. That’s a lot more than other software that requires a download, but the quality payoff is nice.

Zencastr is limited in the free version, but for anyone new to video podcasting, it’s a great place to start. Once you get comfortable with podcast software, you can upgrade to the pro plan for more advanced features. The pro plan and higher tiers don’t offer as many features as comparable podcast software, but if you like Zencastr, the price might be worth it. Otherwise, be sure to check out the rest of our list for more advanced software at a lower price.

✅ Reasons to try:

  • High-quality local video and audio recording
  • Intuitive and user-friendly free version
  • Automated tools make editing easy and simple
  • Reliable file storage and project backups
  • Great for podcast hobbyists and new podcast creators just starting out

⚠️ Reasons to skip:

  • Resource intensive podcast software
  • All guests must meet the system requirements to join

💲 Pricing:

3. Restream

Best video podcast software for livestreaming episodes

We typically think of podcasts as an on-demand genre of content, but there’s not a hard and fast rule. If you have an audience that engages with live content, streaming your video podcast live can be a great way to generate extra views. Restream’s software supports both live streaming and high-fidelity recording, so you can podcast both ways without sacrificing quality in either direct. 

Want to capitalize on the higher engagement of livestreaming but still want the polish of a pre-recorded video? Restream supports uploading and streaming of existing content. You can also produce remote shows with guest invites and multi-seat accounts. 

Like some of the other video podcast softwares on this list, Restream is pretty limited when it comes to actually editing the podcast footage after recording. You’ll be stuck with a few options of layouts and backgrounds with limited trimming and cutting functionality.

✅ Reasons to try:

  • Option to live stream or record without going live
  • Generous cloud storage for recordings
  • High resolution stereo audio with echo cancellation and noise suppression
  • Split-track video and audio recording
  • Broadcast live podcasts to multiple platforms at the same time
  • Upload and stream pre-recorded podcast episodes
  • Supports multi-channel live chat

⚠️ Reasons to skip:

  • Limited video editing capabilities
  • No podcast hosting or publishing

💲 Pricing:

  • Free
  • Standard: $16/month
  • Professional: $41/month

Once you’ve got your video podcast recorded, you’ll need to polish it up. While the above tools do come equipped with editing capabilities, if you’re looking for something a little more robust, check out some of the editors below.

The Best Video Podcast Editing Software

4. Kapwing

Best Online Software for Video Podcast Editing

You don’t have to be a professional video editor to create high quality podcasts with Kapwing. Our AI editing tools handle the tedious and technical aspects of the editing process, so you can focus on the creative elements of recording podcasts. For editing both audio and video recordings, Kapwing’s intuitive software has you covered.

One of our favorite features for easy podcast editing is our text-based editor. Simply edit the text of the transcript to cut out any mistakes, chit-chat, or other parts of the audio recording you don’t want in the finished video. Kapwing’s AI seamlessly syncs the transcript changes with the video recording, so your edits and transitions are always smooth and professional looking.

You’ll need good audio files to go with that polished video podcast. Our audio editing tools are super easy to use. Remove background noise to clean audio files of pops and clicks, and automatically remove silences and long pauses. You can even auto-level the volume and auto-caption your videos – fast, accurate subtitles are non-negotiable when sharing podcast clips on social media.

Speaking of which, Kapwing makes it easy to create and share social clips with automatic resizing and social media safe zones. Trim down your video into short, social clips by searching and editing the podcast transcript with our text-based editor. And coming soon, our “Find Highlights” feature will automatically find and create multiple clips from your podcast. You can reformat these clips for social media in just a few clicks, creating 10x the content in half the time.

✅ Reasons to try:

  • Edit video and audio all with one video editor
  • Transcribe your podcast to get more mileage out of each episode
  • Automatically remove silences with SmartCut
  • Easily remove background noise and add background music
  • Add fast, accurate auto-subtitles in a few clicks
  • Full suite of powerful, intuitive AI-powered tools
  • Quickly trim down your video with our transcript editor
  • Publish directly to social media
  • Easy learning curve and large library of tutorial video and blog posts

⚠️ Reasons to skip:

  • A small watermark is added to videos exported on the Free version.
  • Currently lacks a dedicated mobile video editing app.

💲 Pricing:

  • Free 
  • Pro: $16/month (billed annually; $24/month if billed monthly).
  • Enterprise: Priced per team. Request a custom demo from our sales

5. Final Cut Pro

Best video podcast software for seasoned video editors

Most video podcasters aren’t going to need a program like Final Cut Pro, but if you’re a professional podcaster with a Mac or iPad, Final Cut could be what you’re looking for. Final Cut has a lot of advanced editing tools that translate well to video podcasting, like object tracker, auto subtitles, and automatic syncing for multiple camera angles. 

Final Cut also supports advanced audio editing, which is necessary even for video podcasts. In fact, viewers are much more forgiving of a video with lower image resolution than a video with poor audio quality. Final Cut’s multichannel audio editing software allows you to make sure you sound good, no matter which channel your audience is tuning in on.

Final Cut does require a download, coming in at a massive 4.7GB for the software alone. You’ll need newer hardware to run Final Cut, along with at least 16-32GB freed up to run the program at optimal level. Final Cut is a lot more software than most will need, but Apple loyalists will find the interface familiar and easy to learn. 

✅ Reasons to try:

  • Magnetic timeline for efficient timeline management
  • Familiar UI for Apple users
  • Advanced audio editing tools for high-quality sound
  • Multicam and multi track editing support
  • Impressive library of motion graphics
  • Great color correction and color grading tools 
  • New dedicated software for iPad

⚠️ Reasons to skip:

  • Apple product only
  • Resource intensive, which can be hard on older Macs
  • More expensive than comparable programs with similar advanced features
  • Steep learning curve not suitable for beginners

💲 Pricing:

  • $299.99 one-time purchase for desktop
  • iPad is $49.99/year

6. Podcastle

Best video podcast software for beginners

Podcastle boasts similar recording studio capabilities as some of the other options on this list, but is specifically marketed toward beginners with plenty of presets, templates, and tutorials to help you get started. In addition to local recording and multi-track audio editing, Podcastle’s video editing tools are beginner-friendly with custom branding tools, preset layouts, lower thirds, and even a social media clip finder. 

AI-powered editing tools, voice cloning, and AI-generated episode summaries all add incredible value and efficiency to your editing workflow. Unfortunately, all of the best tools are only available at the higher subscription tiers, which is why Podcastle isn’t higher up on our list.

✅ Reasons to try:

  • Up to 10 remote participants in recording studio
  • High-quality, AI-powered background noise removal
  • Unlimited text-based editing for every plan
  • Automatically generated text summaries of each episode
  • Create voice clones with Revoice for post-production edits
  • Beginner-friendly templates, presets, and layouts

⚠️ Reasons to skip:

  • Watermark with free plan
  • Most automated tools are locked behind paywall

💲 Pricing:

  • Basic: Free
  • Storyteller: $11.99/month
  • Pro: $23.99/month

The video podcast trend looks like it'll be sticking around. It's a great tool to reach a wider audience and it also makes your podcast more accessible. Closed captions, subtitles, and visuals are just some of the advantages of video podcasting. In short, turning your own podcast into video content just makes sense, especially if you’re hoping to monetize your podcast.

You don’t need to be a professional video editor or spend big bucks on video podcast software. Even if you’re a beginning podcaster, the right video podcast editing software can have you making high quality podcasts in no time. 

FAQs About Video Podcast Software

1. Can I use Zoom to record my video podcasts? 

A lot of people like to use Zoom for live streams because it’s familiar and you can have up to 100 participants in one video. The screen sharing, virtual backgrounds, and collaborative features make Zoom a pretty neat platform for live streaming. 

But as a podcast video recording app, Zoom is very limited. The video quality can fluctuate and Zoom doesn't record audio tracks separately or locally. We recommend using a dedicated remote recording studio, like Streamyard or Zencastr, instead.

If you’ve already recorded on Zoom, we’ve got you covered! With Kapwing, you can download live stream videos from your YouTube or other live streaming platform and edit both the audio and video. You can even trim the video to repurpose for another social media platform like Instagram reels or TikTok. 

2. Is Descript a good program for video podcasting?

While Descript is a popular option for video podcasts, there are a few reasons it didn’t make our list. The biggest reason is that Descript just isn’t optimized for social media. Since most podcast creators are adding video content to branch out to other platforms, social media optimization is super important. There are plenty of video podcasting softwares that better support social media that we would recommend as Descript alternatives

3. Is Adobe Premiere Pro good for video podcasts?

While there’s a lot to love about Adobe products, for video podcasting, you’re going to need more than just Adobe Premiere Pro to get the best audio and video quality for your podcast. Adobe Premiere Pro plus Adobe Audition is the best combination of Adobe products for video podcasts. But even bundled, buying this software is going to cost more than the podcast software on our list. Plus Adobe is resource intensive, requiring expensive hardware to get the most out of this software pair.

4. Do I need a special video camera for podcast video recording? 

Having high quality video and audio is important for video podcasting. While you can get by with less than 4k video, especially if you're only publishing your video clips to social media, you must have good audio. We recommend investing in a quality mic first and foremost before spending a ton of money on a new camera.

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