How to Translate YouTube Videos for Free

Translation is a valuable service – valuable enough that nearly all of the best video translation services online cost money to use. In this article, I’m going to show you how to translate YouTube videos quickly, all for free & online.

How to Translate YouTube Videos for Free

The whole world is on the internet. Really, the web is the most international forum that has ever existed, by a long shot. And for certain massive platforms like YouTube, it’s especially true. Almost all YouTube content has an international audience, to some degree.

International communities often speak multiple languages, though, and translation is a valuable service – valuable enough that nearly all of the best video translation services online cost money to use.

Nearly all.

In this article, I’m going to show you how to translate videos from YouTube quickly, completely online, and for free using Kapwing, an free online video editor.

Here’s how to get started:

1: Copy the YouTube link
2: Auto-generate AI subtitles to be translated in Kapwing
3: Export and Download your translated audio or video

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Navigate to YouTube and find the video you want to translate. When you’re on the video page, right-click the link in the URL bar and click “Copy.” Now the video’s link is copied to your clipboard so you can paste it into Kapwing’s AI-powered tools to automatically add subtitles to your video.

Step 2: Auto-Generate Subtitles in Kapwing

With your YouTube link copied, head over to and click “Start Editing” to enter the our YouTube video editor. Here, paste the link you copied into the URL field and give Kapwing some time to upload your video to the Studio. For shorter videos, this should only take a few seconds.

Once your video is fully uploaded, click “Subtitles” in the upper toolbar.

From here, click the "Auto-generate" button.

Within this menu, you can set your language settings by checking the box next to "Translate subtitles into another language?" You can choose both the input and output languages from the dropdown menus.

The subtitle generator may take a few minutes to transcribe your video to text depending on how long it is and how much speech it contains. Once it's done processing, you'll have automatically translated subtitles for the entire video in the language you selected.

The generated captions should be highly accurate, but it’s a good idea to scroll through them to adjust punctuation and make any corrections that are necessary. Take some time here to adjust the height, font, size, and placement of the subtitles to get the look you want.

You also have the option of editing the subtitles directly from the Timeline. Simply drag and slide to adjust the time and length of your captions.

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Step 3: Export and Download Your Translated Video

When everything looks the way you want, click the green Export Video button in the upper right corner of the Studio window. Give Kapwing some time to process your translated video – for longer videos with many subtitles, this may take several minutes.

Try these useful YouTube tools:

When your video is finished processing, select “Download” and it will be saved directly to your device, with your translated subtitles added.

And that's it! Rinse and repeat for any YouTube videos you need to translate.

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