How to Get Instagram Stickers for Your Brand

Learn how to make Instagram stickers for your brand to strengthen your business.

How to Get Instagram Stickers for Your Brand

You’ve been posting infographics and sharing photos of new updates for your brand. But you’re not getting the engagement you hoped for. You’re tagging people and regularly posting Instagram Stories, but something’s missing: your branded Instagram stickers and GIFs.

Creating your own branded Instagram stickers will help grab your audience’s attention and compel them to look deeper into your product and services.

In this article, we’ll explore how you can create your own Instagram stickers for your brand.

Why you should use Instagram Stickers for your Brand

Beyond posting, commenting, and following other people, Instagram is more useful for your brand than you think. You should use Instagram stickers for your brand if you want to:

  • Expand your social media marketing toolkit.
  • Increase audience engagement.
  • Track results for growth.

By creating branded Instagram stickers, you’re expanding the tools your marketing team can use and lessening the amount of time it takes for graphics and posts to be made.

Not only can your marketing team use your brand’s stickers and GIFs on your business’s Instagram, but this is also a perfect way for your audience to engage with your brand as well by sharing your branded content on their stories.

As people are sharing your stickers, you’ll be able to have access to an analytics dashboard where you’ll be able to see the view counts and the engagement rate of your GIFs and stickers.

With all that being said, let’s dive in.

How to Get Branded Stickers on Instagram

To get branded stickers on Instagram, we’ll be working with two free creative platforms: Kapwing, to create your custom Instagram stickers and GIPHY, to officially verify them. Here’s how you can get started.

Step 1: Create a GIPHY account.

First, create a GIPHY account. Don't worry, it's free to do so. You'll also have access to countless other creations and the ability to have your own library of GIFs and stickers.

Step 2: Design and make your Instagram stickers.

Here's the fun part: start designing and making your own Instagram stickers by heading to the Kapwing Studio!

If you need some inspiration, you can also search for other GIFs in the studio itself. Luckily, Kapwing's elements and GIFs are powered by GIPHY, so you can easily browse other stickers that you find will fit your brand and message.

Simply click the "Elements" tab on the left sidebar and search any keyword you feel relates to your brand.

Searching "Philz Coffee" for inspiration on a coffee brand.

Once you have an idea for a sticker, you can choose to either "Start with a blank canvas," or upload your own media by clicking "Click to upload."

If you decide to upload your own logo that has extra white space, you can make the background transparent by using the "Magic Wand" in the Studio. From here, you can choose an effect on your image by clicking your canvas, then selecting the "Animate" tab on the right sidebar.

Learn how to remove the background to any image.

For this example, I removed the background for the Kapwing logo and selected "Hue Rotate" as the animation for this sticker. As you can see, the image automatically converted to a GIF since I added the animation.

Once you're finished making your Instagram sticker, click the dropdown arrow next to the Export Video button and select "Export as GIF."

Step 3: Upload 5 designs to GIPHY.

To continue to the next step, you'll have to upload at least 5 of your designs to GIPHY. When you're satisfied with your choices, start applying for a verified brand account.

Step 4: Apply for a verified brand account.

Applying for a verified brand account is easy once you've met the application requirements. After you've applied for a brand channel, your application will take around 3-10 business days to process.

In the meantime, you can keep creating stickers in Kapwing or figure out a marketing strategy for when your branded Instagram stickers are ready to use.

Step 5: Use and promote your stickers.

Congratulations! You now have a GIPHY brand channel and account. This means anyone can access your branded stickers from your marketing team to your customers.

Searching "The Flower Shop" on Instagram for the branded sticker.

Since you have a brand account on GIPHY with your stickers, anyone will be able to access your GIFs and stickers on any social media platform that supports GIPHY such as Twitter or Tik Tok. You're now able to access GIPHY's analytics dashboard to view how well your stickers are doing and on which platforms.

Learn more about how you can strengthen your brand and engage your audience by visiting our Resources Library or following our Instagram or Twitter @KapwingApp.

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