Connect Kapwing with all your favorite apps and tools through plugins. Plugins allow anyone to extend Kapwing's functionality by connecting through friendly APIs.
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Built for both users and developers

For users, plugins provide a simple way to connect Kapwing to any app or service that offers a plugin inside of Kapwing. Plugins like Unsplash, Pexels, and Pixabay allow for easy access to a variety of assets and stock content. Other plugins, like Giphy Text, allow users to easily manipulate dynamic text content directly inside of Kapwing.

Developers can get started with building plugins inside of Kapwing in just a few lines of code. Plugins can potentially reach millions of creators each month and allow for a new surface for your tool or service to reach users. If you're interested in building a plugin in the current beta phase, please reach out via this Google form.

Built for both users and developers Screenshot

How it works

Developers can connect their app or service to Kapwing and reach a potential audience of millions of creators each month. Kapwing plugins are essentially full applications that run inside the Kapwing editor, allowing developers to have full control over the look and feel of their app or service. Keep scrolling to find out all the details about how plugins work!

1. Sign up for the beta.

While Kapwing Plugins is still in a beta phase, please reach out to our team to let us know what kind of plugin you'd like to build and how we can work together to make it possible. We're a small team and we want to work closely with developers in this beta period of plugins.

1. Sign up for the beta. Screenshot
2. Import the plugin-helpers library

The @kapwing/plugin-helpers NPM package can be easily imported into any JavaScript project. The package allows you to easily access plugin APIs in any project. This library also supports React and Typescript.

The @kapwing/plugin-helpers library is open source and the full code is available on Github. The package can also be accessed on NPM.

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3. Build and launch your plugin

Once your plugin is developed, you'll be able to launch it within Kapwing. We'll work closely together to help support your launch and make sure that things go smoothly on both ends.

Have an idea for a plugin but not the right development resources currently? Please reach out and still let us know! We'd love to get new ideas for plugins and see if we can help make them a reality.

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Plugins Live in Kapwing
Unsplash plugin logo
The Unsplash Plugin makes 2m+ free, high resolution assets available to users inside Kapwing, while also millions of video creators each month to discover new images from Unsplash.
Pexels plugin logo
The Pexels plugin brings millions of free stock video clips into Kapwing and allows users to discover the wide array of community sourced assets available from Pexels.
Giphy plugin logo
Create animated text GIFs in seconds with the animated text plugin from Giphy. Users can augment their videos with bold, exciting GIFs to capture reactions.
Google Drive plugin logo
The Google Drive plugin allows users to import content from Google Drive in just a few clicks. This plugin will be expanded in the future to allow saving and exporting to Google Drive.
Pixabay plugin logo
Pixabay offers over 2.3 million free images and videos shared by a talented community. With the official Pixabay plugin, these assets are now available and searchable from within Kapwing.
and many more...
Have an idea for a plugin? Interested in making your application or service available for millions of creators? Please let us know!
Make an amazing plugin
We can't wait to hear from you, and we're excited for the possibilities that we can unlock together for creators. Excited to see what you create!