How to Add Pictures to TikTok Videos

TikTok isn't just for videos. Pictures can be just as engaging to watch and use for storytelling. In this article, I'll show you how to add pictures to TikTok four different ways.

How to Add Pictures to TikTok Videos

Videos aren't the only way to tell a story on TikTok. Users can add pictures to the app for a different visual experience.

This simple edit shows up in multiple styles, perfect for keeping content fresh and engaging. Uploaded pictures are automatically made into a slideshow with a set duration and transitions.

In a few taps, TikTok templates make ordinary pictures into something new. Watch pictures become film strips, fancy dots, or stamps to recap travels. For more context, you can add a photo to the background of a video.

A few methods come with challenges, but a TikTok video editor can help. In this article, I'll show you how to add pictures to TikTok four different ways.

Try these free TikTok tools:

How to Put a Picture Inside a TikTok Video

Sometimes you need a video and a picture to make the perfect content for TikTok. This format is popular for reacting to funny images with witty commentary.

  • Tap the plus icon, then effects and green screen.
  • Tap the icon shown below to choose a picture from your gallery.

  • Pinch the picture to change the size, and reposition the image by dragging it with one finger. The icon with curved arrows lets you to rotate the picture 360 degrees. To change the opacity, move the circle on the left up or down.
  • Press record, then tap the red checkmark to watch your video.

  • If you're happy with the results, tap next. Complete the last screen, then tap post to share with followers and possibly the for you page!

How to Make a Slideshow in TikTok

Slideshows made in TikTok work well if you need to put something together quickly. This feature has been used to share life-changing moments and pictures with family and friends.

  • Tap the plus icon, then click upload. You can select a maximum of 35 pictures and a minimum of one from your library.
two screenshots on making a slideshow for tiktok

  • The number above each picture represents when it appears in the slideshow. Click next and your slideshow will play.
  • From here, you can add a voiceover, music, text, effects, and filters. You can't change the duration of the slideshow or remove transitions. Scroll down to the last section for a solution to this!

  • Here's a quick tip. Long press on text to change the duration. A box will appear, then click, set duration. Otherwise, the same text appears on every slide.
  • Tap next to fill out the last screen, then tap post to share.

How to Add Pictures with a TikTok Template

Templates take the hard part out of editing without forgoing quality. In TikTok, there are eleven templates with unique elements and transitions. Consider your video before choosing a template. What message are you trying to convey?

The morph template works helps transformations unfold from pictures. For videos with an unexpected ending or pictures leading up to a celebratory moment, use the countdown template.

  • Begin by clicking the plus sign, then swipe right past the durations until you see templates.
  • Check the number above each template to see how many pictures you can use, then tap select photos.
  • Tap ok to watch your pictures come to life!

  • You can add effects, filters, text and stickers to edit your video. The voiceover option isn't available with TikTok templates. Tap next to fill out the last screen, then tap post to share.

How to Add Pictures to TikTok Using Kapwing

Now that we've covered adding pictures to TikTok natively, let's discuss an alternative for more customization. I'll be using Kapwing, an online photo and video editor to make a slideshow.

  • Open the slideshow maker by clicking the blue make it button below. You can use this tool on any device in a browser.

  • Click upload to find a picture or video for the first slide, then change the aspect ratio to 9:16 for TikTok. You can upload content from your device or paste the URL to an image or video.
  • Continue to add images and videos to make a slideshow. Reorder pictures by dragging a layer and click duplicate to make a copy.
  • Fill the entire background with your picture by clicking zoom and crop. Fit with border locks the ratio and adds padding around the image.

  • By default, pictures will have a three second duration. Change the length by clicking edit duration and choose a time from the menu, then click apply.
  • If you're adding a voiceover, consider how long each image needs to be so the audio matches the picture. You can use the same duration on every picture by clicking, apply to all images.
  • Once you have the foundation of the slideshow complete, click edit in studio.
  • Now you can add stylish text to a picture without it showing up on every slide. Make sure to have the right picture selected, before adding text.
  • In my example, I duplicated "summer" and made each word a variation of red.
  • Add music to set the tone to your slideshow by clicking audio at the top of the studio. You can upload mp4, mp3 and m4a files or paste a video or audio URL.

Watch your video a few times and when you're satisfied, click export video, then download to save to your device. Your video will have an mp4 format and can be easily uploaded to TikTok.

I hope this tutorial cleared up how to add pictures to TikTok, and provided another option to make scroll-stopping slideshows. Follow along for more content by subscribing to Kapwing App on YouTube and following us on Twitter at @KapwingApp. Don't hesitate to connect with us on social media with feedback and to show us what you've made!

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