Did you know that a survey of U.S. consumers found that 92% view videos with the sound off on mobile? Captions are starting to become a necessary part of the video creation process for content creators everywhere. Let's take it a step further and add some emojis, gen-z's preferred mode of communication. 😂

You've probably seen emojis on TikTok or Instagram, but they're actually taking over everywhere. An analysis reported that in April 2020, 1 in every 100 tweets contained the recently-popular "Pleading Face" emoji (🥺). Today I'm going to show you how to add emoji subtitles to your video and use the 🥺 face as an example!


  1. Upload Video
  2. Add Subtitles
  3. Other Edits & Export

1. Upload video to Kapwing

Enter the Studio. If your video is saved on your computer somewhere, you'll be able to upload it directly to Kapwing, and if it's fetchable from a URL, you can paste it in for Kapwing to pull. For this example I'm using a video from TikTok that my sister sent me and just pasted the link into the field.

2. Add Subtitles with Emojis 😎

Kapwing makes it super easy, just click the subtitles tab at the top and you'll find a couple options. You can manually enter your subtitles, or you can give Kapwing's Auto-Generated subtitles a try and edit any mistakes afterwards. I'm going to add subtitles manually to show you how easy it is! While you're in the subtitle editor, after your text has been confirmed to be correct, you can go in and add emojis after or in replacement of the text. I copied emojis over from another application and pasted them right into my text, you'll see the visual mockup immediately reflects what I'm typing. You can do the same by web-searching for the emoji face you're looking for and copying it from the results.

3. Other Edits & Export

If you want you can make other edits now. You can change the canvas size to be square with titles on the top and bottom, that way you can post to other platforms like Instagram too. You can also make easy edits like changing the speed of the video, adding cuts or a trim, rotating it, or even changing the brightness and contrast. Make sure you're set to export correctly, either as an Mp4 or GIF file, and hit the big red export button. It's as easy as that!

Kapwing makes all sorts of content editing super simple, and tools are all free! Check some other tutorials out:

Thanks for reading!

Devan Sood