9 of the Best Instagram Video Editing Apps for 2023

Instagram is a top contender when it comes to short-form video these days. In this post, we're breaking down the top nine Instagram video editing apps to help you level up your Instagram Reels strategy.

9 of the Best Instagram Video Editing Apps for 2023

Instagram is one of the top three video sharing apps – only TikTok and YouTube rank above it. If you haven’t already shifted your video content strategy to include engaging Instagram Reels, now’s the time.

We’re revealing the top tools creatives use to make those eye-catching Reels you’ve seen in your feed. You don’t need to pay big bucks for professional editing tools, you’ll just look like you do! Since these video editors are perfect for creating vertical videos, you can also use them for your TikTok and YouTube channel.

Here are the nine best Instagram video editing apps to elevate your Instagram Reels.

Bonus: You can also use these tools to create videos for IG Threads or Stories!

Quick look at our top picks

  • 🏆 Best online Instagram video editing app: Kapwing
    Our online video editing tool makes creating Instagram videos quick and easy. Edit and share your videos fast without downloading resource heavy software. You don’t need advanced editing skills to create professional videos. Our user-friendly interface will have you editing Instagram videos like a pro in no time.
  • 📱 Best mobile Instagram video editing app on a budget: InShot
    If you’ve had Instagram for a while, InShot is probably a familiar name. This light weight, new user friendly app has stayed true to its roots. If you’re new to making Instagram Stories and Reels, InShot is a gentle introduction to Instagram video editing. It’s not free, but it’s pretty close to it.
  • 📱 Best Instagram video editing app for iPhone users: Apple Clips
    For simple editing and a familiar Apple interface, iPhone users will enjoy Clips. It’s free to download, integrates seamlessly with your camera roll, and has a surprising variety of features, including filters, animations, and automatic captions.
  • 📹 Best Instagram video editor for GoPro users: GoPro Quik
    If you’re making action-packed Instagram videos with your GoPro footage, the Quik app by GoPro is likely a perfect fit. With Quik, you can automatically sync your videos with music and easily integrate with the rest of GoPro Studio to edit all of your footage.

1. Kapwing

Best online Instagram video editing app

Our easy-to-use editor helps you get from idea to finished video quickly with our AI-powered tools speeding up the editing process. With just a few clicks, you can clean up audio files, resize your videos, and even add subtitles automatically. Kapwing's automations deal with the tedious work so you can focus on the creative aspects, making it the perfect Instagram video editor.

Kapwing has a host of built-for-social-media tools to help you create an efficient workflow that will keep your Instagram feed full of high quality videos. Trim your long-form videos down into social-sized clips with our text-based editor, resize your landscape videos for vertical platforms, and add fast, accurate automatic subtitles in just a few clicks.

And since Kapwing is web-based with no editing software to download, you can use it on any device. Even though Kapwing is browser-based, you’re still getting a powerful, full-featured editor – and we’re adding new features all the time. 

Coming soon: Find Highlights, a feature perfect for creating Instagram Reels. This new tool automatically finds the best moments in a long video and creates multiple clips for social. Join the waitlist to be one of the first to try it out.

✅ Reasons to try:

  • Advanced features make editing videos quick and easy
  • Intuitive interface is great for beginners and advanced video editors alike 
  • Use AI to quickly edit video clips, trim video, and add B-roll
  • Automatically caption your Instagram Stories and Reels
  • Easily reformat and resize video clips for your Instagram feed
  • Instagram safe zone template to preview how content appears within the Reels interface
  • Requires no software to download and no advanced plugins to get started
  • Cross-platform compatibility means you can always collaborate with your team

⚠️ Reasons to skip:

  • A small watermark is added to videos exported on the Free version.
  • Currently lacks a dedicated mobile video editing app.

💲 Pricing:

  • Free
  • Pro: $16/month (billed annually; $24/month if billed monthly)
  • Enterprise: Priced per team. Request a custom demo from our sales

2. InShot

Best Instagram video editing app on a budget

InShot is one of the earlier Instagram video editing apps, launched about 10 years ago in early 2014. You know, back when IGTV was still a thing. Since then, InShot has added a few features and effects, but has mostly stayed true to its original format. This easy to use video editing app feels familiar and comfortable for those that are new to video editing and is a great jumping off point. 

Even though it’s not completely free, the free version is packed with great features. You also have the option of trying InShot Pro for a month with all the features for only $3.99. In fact, of all the video editing apps, InShot is one of the most affordable, with lifetime access costing a mere $34.99.

Of course the low price does come with some drawbacks. InShot is feature light, even at full capacity. It also doesn’t work on PCs unless you have an Android emulator. Adn chances are if you’re familiar with Android emulators or other work-arounds to adapt mobile apps to your desktop, you’re probably ready for a more advanced video editor anyway.

✅ Reasons to try:

  • Cut/Delete middle of video
  • Seamlessly merge videos with smooth transitions
  • Adjust video speed
  • Add voice-over and background audio
  • Add on-screen text for captions and titles
  • Picture-in-picture feature
  • Extensive filter and sticker libraries
  • More advanced features, like color correction and motion effects

⚠️ Reasons to skip:

  • Lacks the advanced features of similar Instagram video editing apps
  • In-app ads
  • Mobile only

💲 Pricing:

  • Free version (with watermark)
  • Pro: $3.99/month or $14.99/year 
  • Pro, Lifetime access: $34.99

3. Apple Clips

Best Instagram video editing app for iPhones

Apple Clips is a great editing app if you love adding flare to your Instagram feed. Apple Clips–or just Clips–is more for the casual Instagram user who wants to create vibrant video content. Clips leans heavily into the fun side of video making, with a robust library of filters and AI effects to make your Instagram feed standout.

The main draw for iPhone users is the intuitive Apple interface and the way Clips seamlessly integrates with your camera roll. It’s free to download for iPhone users and makes it easy to quickly create and post Instagram videos all on one mobile device.

Obviously, the main drawback is that Clips is iOS only, so it’s not an option if you don’t have an iPhone or iPad. It’s also a little lighter on features. If you’re looking for more advanced editing capabilities, you’ll want to consider some of the others on this list instead.

✅ Reasons to try:

  • Intuitive, familiar Apple interface
  • Easily integrates with camera roll and Instagram app
  • Share Reels directly to Instagram
  • Edit across multiple iOS devices with iCloud
  • Expansive filter and effects library
  • Trim and adjust video clips easily
  • Add automatic captions with Live Titling
  • Customizable text stickers

⚠️ Reasons to skip:

  • iOS only
  • Resource heavy app sometimes crashes

💲 Pricing:

  • Free

4. GoPro Quik 

Best Instagram video editing app for GoPro users

We couldn’t write this list without talking about the impact GoPro content has had on Instagram. Some of the most incredible videos on Instagram are made with GoPro. If you’re making action-packed Instagram Reels with your GoPro footage, GoPro Quik is a great option. 

Quik has several automated features that make it easy to get your Instagram videos edited and published without too much extra work. Need background music? Quik automatically syncs your video to music from its large library of songs. Stringing together multiple clips? Their automatic highlight feature finds the best clips from multiple videos to create an epic Reel. 

Quick does have its limits. It can be glitchy on older phones. Users have reported some updates making their current phone obsolete. You’ll need to keep your hardware up to date, which could be hard to do when you’re on the road making content that your adrenaline-loving target audience expects from your Instagram feed.

✅ Reasons to try:

  • Auto-sync edits to music
  • Expansive filter library
  • Seamlessly integrates with GoPro Studio
  • Easily edit raw GoPro footage
  • Change video speed
  • Trim and splice clips
  • Works across Windows, MacOS, and Android devices

⚠️ Reasons to skip:

  • Doesn’t work with older phones
  • Download takes up a lot of space
  • Non GoPro content editing requires GoPro Subscription 

💲 Pricing:

  • Quik: $9.99/year 
  • GoPro Studio (which includes Quik subscription): $49.99/year

5. FilmoraGo

Best Instagram video editing app for mobile devices

FilmoraGo is a Wondershare video editor app specifically for mobile devices, so you can take your video creation on the road. Film, edit and share all from one device with just a few taps.

While FilmoraGo is part of the Wondershare suite of video editing tools, you’ll need a separate subscription if you want to edit your Instagram videos on your laptop or desktop. FilmoraGo’s free version works well, but if you want to remove the watermark you’ll need to pay a small fee just for that service. At $29.99/year or $59.99 for a perpetual license, you’re better off just buying the pro version outright.

If you’re constantly on the go and plan on editing videos from your phone, FilmoraGo might be just what you’re looking for.

✅ Reasons to try:

  • Animated video effects
  • Professional looking videos in 4k
  • Supports both Android and Apple devices
  • Easy video making for Instagram Reels, TikTok, and YouTube
  • Advanced color tuning feature
  • Mix audio files and add voice overs
  • Resize videos for Instagram with the crop, rotate, and trim tools
  • Add special effects, like slow motion, overlays, or filters
  • Make titles and captions pop with animated text

⚠️ Reasons to skip:

  • Free video editing app includes watermark
  • In-app purchases can add up quickly

💲 Pricing:

  • Free with watermark
  • Pro (Monthly plan): $4.99/month
  • Pro (Yearly plan): $29.99/year
  • Pro (Perpetual license): $59.99 one time purchase
  • Additional features like Holiday overlays and Retro filters cost between $0.99 and $3.99 each

6. Animoto

Best Instagram video editor for internal comms teams

While Animoto is geared towards individuals and businesses, businesses benefit most from Animoto's best features, especially internal communications teams without access to a dedicated video creator. Animoto’s editing software is beginner friendly and easy to use.

One of the primary use cases for business teams is Animoto’s slideshow tool. Create a photo slideshow synced with audio files for a seamless presentation. Outside of internal comms use cases, Animoto is a bit limiting, especially in the lower tiers. The music library is small and the studio editor lacks many of the advanced editing tools necessary for more engaging videos. Plus Animoto’s pricing is expensive for what it is.

✅ Reasons to try:

  • Drag and drop video clips for easy uploads
  • Use multiple videos to make a video collage
  • Audio-synced slideshow creation
  • Large template library for easy project creation
  • Beginner friendly interface
  • Supports screen recording
  • Available on desktop and iOS

⚠️ Reasons to skip:

  • Free version only allows up to 720p quality
  • Doesn’t work for mobile Android devices
  • Price is almost double when billed monthly
  • Free version comes with watermark

💲 Pricing:

  • Limited free version
  • Basic: $8/month billed annually
  • Pro: $15/month when billed annually
  • Teams: $39/month when billed annually

7. CapCut

Best free Instagram video editing app

CapCut is a pretty impressive video editing app, especially considering that it’s free. Unlike some freemium versions, CapCut gives you 15-minutes of video per file. CapCut also offers plenty of animations, filters, and a library filled with stock sound effects. 

You’ve probably seen the CapCut logo on TikTok before, since its integration with the app has caused a spike in its popularity with TikTok creators. But as Instagram Reels picks up traction, CapCut users are starting to bring their longer, professional looking videos over to Instagram.

While we love a lot of the advanced editing tools that CapCut offers, there are a few reasons this mighty app didn’t end up higher on our list. Capcut’s limits are noticeable when compared to other video editing apps. CapCut is limited to a single video track. There is no motion tracking feature, and no multicam editing. For many creators, these features are important. Still, CapCut is a great mobile video editing app with quite a few awesome features that made it perfect for our list.

✅ Reasons to try:

  • Advanced smart tools, like remove background and color correction
  • Quickly resize videos for Instagram Reels
  • Share videos across multiple platforms with just a few clicks
  • Easy text editing for captions and titles
  • Motion editing, like slow motion and stabilization
  • Keyframe animation

⚠️ Reasons to skip:

  • In-app purchases range from $0.29-$174.99
  • Requires software download

💲 Pricing:

  • Free (with in-app purchases)

8. Splice Video Editing App

Best video editing app for fun visual effects

Grabbing – and keeping – your viewers’ attention on Instagram Reels sometimes calls for color changes and snappy visual effects. If that’s your thing, then Splice is a great video editing tool. Wish your outfit was a little brighter? Want purple shoes instead of pink? Splice has got you covered. With just a few taps change colors instantly.

It’s not just a color changing tool, though. You can edit a full video with Splice, including transitions, animations, background removal, and advanced audio effects and editing. 

All of these great features landed Splice on our list, but it’s important to note that this editing app works best on phones. According to reviews online, the video editing experience for tablets and chromebooks were not as good as other mobile apps.

✅ Reasons to try:

  • Easily edit Instagram videos on your mobile device
  • Adjust exposure, contrast, saturation, and more
  • Overlay photos or videos and apply masks
  • Remove background with Chroma Key
  • Robust animations, effects, and filters libraries
  • Add title slides, text overlays, and custom outros
  • Adjust playback speed for fast or slow motion
  • Trim and mix audio tracks, including custom sound effects and narration 

⚠️ Reasons to skip:

  • In-app purchases can add up quickly
  • App contains ads, even in the paid versions
  • Doesn’t work as well on Chromebooks or Tablets

💲 Pricing:

  • $4.99 weekly
  • $13.99 monthly

9. Funimate 

Best Instagram video editor for animated videos

Funimate Video Editor makes editing Instagram videos fun and easy right from your phone. Funimate works on both Apple and Android devices. You can even share your videos directly with other Funimate users.

Funimate is a bit resource needy, especially for a phone app. Without counting your data and cache, the Funimate app is over 230 MB. You’ll also need at least 36 MB of free space if you want a smooth downloading experience.

Even though it’s resource heavy, Funimate does have a lot of cool features. The user friendly interface makes editing Instagrams Reels super easy. Plus Funimate also has a sister photo editing app called Imaginate.

✅ Reasons to try:

  • Advanced visual effects, including keyframing
  • Available library of emojis, custom text, and fun stickers
  • Includes basic editing features like trimming, cropping, and cutting
  • Create videos with animated intros and outros
  • Lots of user friendly templates for beginners
  • Motion effects, like reverse and slow motion
  • Robust tutorial library for beginners

⚠️ Reasons to skip:

  • Resource greedy editing app requires lots of free space
  • App is known to freeze or crash when users export videos
  • In-App Pricing can be tricky and add up quickly
  • App contains ads

💲 Pricing:

  • $6.99/month after a 7 day free trial
  • In-app purchases for advanced features like removing the watermark can add up quickly and run from $1.49-69.99
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