How to Change Safari Background on iPhone

With iOS 15, users can change the Safari background in a few taps. Learn how to make a custom background for your start page with this tutorial.

How to Change Safari Background on iPhone

iPhone users are raving over the ability to add backgrounds in Safari, thanks to iOS 15. The default backgrounds provided are nice, but original photos better serve users desiring a personalized start page.

A family photo, funny throwback picture, an aesthetic collage, and more make for compelling backgrounds you'll be happy to see. Chances are, your image will need resizing before changing the background. I'll show you how to make this happen and more with an online video editor. Let's get started!

  1. Upload and resize image in Kapwing
  2. Edit background
  3. Export and download
  4. Upload background to Safari

Step One: Upload and Resize Image in Kapwing

Visit Kapwing in your browser and click or tap the purple "Start Editing" button to open the Studio. You can use this free online video editor on your iPhone to easily resize, edit, and download the image, but feel free to use any device. In this example, I'm using my iPhone.

Once you're in the Studio, drag and drop the image, paste an image link, or click "Upload" to import a photo from your device. You can also log into Google Drive and Google Photos to select and upload an image from either account.

Make sure to choose an image that doesn't include important elements at the bottom. This section is where the browser tab appears and will cover the bottom of the background. Tap or click "Start with a Blank Canvas" if you want to make your background from scratch within the Studio.

If you're using an iPhone tap, Edit Background, then change the output size to 9:16, otherwise, change the dimensions under "Output Size" on the right side of the Studio.

Step Two: Edit Background

In the Studio, you have intuitive tools for all skill levels that are ideal for making the background of your dreams. Tap "Menu" on your iPhone to access the toolbar, then explore each feature. The text tool allows you to add captions with custom colors, sizes, outlines, a drop-shadow, and more to make the text pop.

You can use the Image Search tab to find overlays or pictures for a collage background. Additionally, you can click "Plugins" to browse images from Pixabay, Pexels, and Unsplash. I prefer the latter option. These images are free to use, and the quality is excellent. The Elements tab has shapes and emojis to create fun designs, colorful borders, and funky patterns.

Step Three: Export and Download

Click Export Image at the top of the Studio, then "Download" when you're ready to save the background to your device. You can sign in with an email address to quickly remove the Kapwing watermark first. It's free to create an account, and you can edit your background for up to two days. Make sure to save the image to your gallery for the next step. You can do this by long-pressing the image in your download folder then tap, "Save Image."

Step Four: Change Safari Background

Now for the fun part! With your iPhone in hand, open the Safari app and tap "Edit" on the Start Page. Scroll down and toggle on "Background Image" to enable this feature. From here, tap the + symbol to open your gallery and select your image. You'll see your new background after exiting the start page settings.

If your background is hidden behind too many tabs, tap "Edit" again and turn off anything you don't want to see. In the end, you'll have a clutter-free start page with a compelling background to enjoy while browsing the web!

Your Safari background isn't the only thing that can be updated. Read the related articles below to stylize other products. When you're finished, subscribe to our YouTube channel for the latest trendy tutorials and follow us on Twitter to connect with the Kapwing team!

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