Cynthia and Jamie are the founders of Stix, a company on a mission to create a more discreet and accurate pregnancy test for women. The pair have built their company by considering the hardships that come with the pregnancy test experience and focusing on intentionality and care. They launched in January of 2019 and now proudly run a service that delivers unmarked pregnancy tests straight to their customers’ front doors, allowing them discretion and comfort while taking a test.

Cynthia and Jamie use all sorts of mediums to tell the story of Stix and empower women everywhere to define their own pregnancy test experiences. I got a chance to chat with Cynthia to hear more about the journey of Stix and how digital storytelling has played a role in the development of the company.

Hi Cynthia! So glad I could chat with you about your company! Could you tell me about how Stix got started?

I’m one of the founders of Stix along with my co-founder Jamie! We started Stix because we worked for another tech company and always wanted to start a business together. But we weren’t really sure what we would create, until last summer when I was buying a pregnancy test in my neighborhood drug store and I ran into my boyfriend’s mom. That kind of opened our eyes to how much of a problem the pregnancy test experience is and made us start thinking about how we could help solve it. So we started Stix to help solve that problem!

We grow every single month and we’re still in our beta, but it’s been so awesome to see women get excited about what we’re doing. All the numbers look great, but the thing that gets Jamie and me the most jazzed is when we hear from customers about how the product has made them feel more confident and has given them more power back into their lives. It’s really awesome to hear.

How important has storytelling been to the development of your company?

Storytelling is so important to us. We think about it a lot in our branding, website and social media. Hearing these amazing and empowering stories from women has been so incredible, and I think the reason that we get to hear them is because Jamie and I tell our story. We tell the story of Stix really honestly and authentically, and people value that.

What’s your favorite tool to tell stories?

One thing that we’re constantly doing is adding in new ways to tell our stories. We started our company with an internal site and then added in a blog and now we’ve just added a newsletter.  Every time we add a new tool like that we’re better able to tell our stories and better connect with others. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I’d say my favorite thing about storytelling is that there are so many ways to do it!

What’s a favorite memory you have from working at Stix?

I have so many! Being a founder, every day is hard, but also incredibly fulfilling. One of my favorite memories is the day we opened up and first launched. We got our first order and I was in a coffee shop and I actually started crying because it was so touching to see strangers, not friends or my mom, strangers were caring about what we were doing. What we were doing was important to strangers. That was a cool moment.

What’s been the hardest part about growing your company?

Something that’s really hard is that this is our baby and we put so much of ourselves into it. Doing that is such an intense experience, so it can be hard sometimes.

How did you find Kapwing and what were you using it for?

We found Kapwing because I was looking for a way to edit videos easily. We use Canva for illustrations and stuff, but I wanted to find something to do what Canva did for film and video. Things like video editing, captions, adding a logo, that can be incredibly hard to do in another, complicated software and challenging to make happen in a simple software. But Kapwing ended up being great for exactly what we wanted!

Do you have any advice for people who are thinking about starting their own companies?

I would say do it with a person that you really trust. I think that’s been huge for us. There are a lot of smart people in the world, but I think trusting someone’s decision making is so important and has been incredible for me and Jamie.

Talk to people! So many people have ideas for things and they’re afraid if they talk to others they’ll steal it or be competitive or think its dumb, but I think one of the most valuable things we did at the beginning was talking to people about pretty much everything we were doing. It helped us find ideas for our brand and story that we're still using today.

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