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MP4 files, otherwise known as the MPEG-4 video file format, is the most popular container format for videos on the internet. Most videos served online are served in the MP4 format. Kapwing's editor is here to help you edit MP4 files with ease. Whether your MP4 is a video, audio, high resolution, or a different file format, Kapwing can help!

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How to Edit an MP4 File Online

With Kapwing’s user-friendly MP4 editor, you can cut, split, and trim MP4 files within seconds. This tool is free to use on any iPhone and Android phone or Windows and MAC computers. In a few clicks, this simple editor can help you edit videos, video recordings, short clips and more without the hassle of downloading software.

Get started by uploading or pasting a URL to an MP4 file or use a video that you want to edit. Using the timeline editor, drag the ends of your video file to the locations that you want to trim. You can also use the timeline to stitch together multiple mp4 files. Using the controls in the sidebar, adjust the volume to balance your audio. You can also increase or decrease the speed of your video layers.

Watch your new and improved MP4 file, then export and download the video to save and share online. Try this free online MP4 editor by Kapwing to create the perfect audio for all your needs.

MP4 Editor
  1. Upload your MP4

    Upload the video that you want to edit, or paste a link to your video file online.

  2. Edit your MP4

    Use the timeline to edit and trim your mp4 file. If you have multiple mp4s, you can position them in the right places using timeline.

  3. Export and share

    When you're done editing your video, just click export and your final mp4 file will be exported. Download and use your audio as you need!

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