Windows Movie Maker Alternatives

Windows Movie Maker Alternatives

In 2017, Microsoft deprecated Windows Movie Maker, the free video editing software they had created for PCs in the 90s. As a result, there is no free default Movie Maker creative suite. People who want to make videos and audio need an alternative.

In my opinion, Kapwing is the best video editor for Windows. For people making videos for the first time, Kapwing is an excellent replacement for Windows Movie Maker as it help creators make compelling video and image content for free. In this article, I’ll introduce share six video editing tasks that you can use Kapwing for.


Kapwing is a free browser-based editing suite. We’re a startup based in San Francisco, and our goal is to make creative tools that are faster, simpler, and more accessible for creative professionals. Kapwing is based fully in the cloud, so all of your work is backed up and accessible across devices. You don’t need to download anything to use it, and it works on every OS including Windows PCs.

Here are six video editing tasks that Kapwing can help you with as an alternative to Windows Movie Maker:

Combine Multiple Videos Together

Many people use Windows Movie Maker to merge the pieces of their video together. YouTube creators, for example, might have an intro, a title scene, the body of the video, and an outro that go together to make the final video.

Fortunately, you don’t need Windows Movie Maker to arrange your video and combine the clips together. Open Kapwing’s video editor and upload your media: photos, GIFs, and videos. In Kapwing, users can search for images, upload, or import directly from YouTube, Giphy, and other websites.

Video maker photo slideshow

Once your media has uploaded, drag the files to rearrange them or delete. The video preview shows what your final video will look like. You can make your video square, 9:16, or whatever size you like!

Click “CREATE” to process your video and merge the video clips together. In the final video, all of the videos you uploaded will be combined into one cohesive MP4. Share the URL with your friends or download the MP4 to publish it on social media.

Make a Photo Montage

Want to put multiple photos together into a video slideshow? Try out Kapwing’s video maker! Upload your photos and choose the size of the final video from the “Video Options” on the left. You can rearrange the photos and define how long you want each photo to last.

This technique works well for stop motions videos and GIF slideshows.

Once the slideshow preview looks right, click “CREATE” to process your video and combine the photos into a video. Kapwing will process your video slideshow in the cloud. Share the URL with your friends or save the MP4 to publish it on social media.

Photo Montage Example, Made with Kapwing

Adding Subtitles

Kapwing’s Subtitle Maker is the fastest, simplest way to insert captions directly and permanently into a short video. Creators can import the titles from an SRT, auto-generate their captions using AI voice recognition, or manually type out and time the text. Creators have full control over the text, styling, and timing.

Adding Subtitles to Videos

Simple Edits: Trim, Resize, Add Text

Kapwing is optimized for a set of short, one-off tasks that people often need to do repeatedly for their videos. Since the tools are specialized, there is less clutter and more speed. Here’s a list of the five most popular tools:

Add Music to Video

Sound or music changes a video’s tone and tempo dramatically. Creators can choose music that makes their video more exciting and lively or more somber and calm. With Kapwing, people can import music directly on YouTube, simplifying the process of getting tune files.

Add Audio to Video Editor

Once you’ve chosen your music, head to Kapwing’s Add Music to Video tool and upload the video you want to add music too. You can upload an MP3 file, extract music from a video file, or record a voiceover. Then, adjust the start time and volume of the video soundtrack or new audio track (or mute the original sound to replace the audio entirely).

Overlays and Watermarks

With Kapwing’s Studio, creators can insert a picture, sticker or text overlay onto their video in a few clicks. Just upload the bottom layer video and find/import the logo or overlay you want. Creators can also search for images or type out a text watermark with custom colors and fonts.

Add Watermark in Studio

Then, drag the overlay to the right position on the video. With the Timeline tool, creators can make the overlay appear and disappear during certain places in the video.


Kapwing is a free online video editor designed for beginners, so you don’t need to have any expertise to use it. It works on PC and in all browsers: Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera, Edge, and more. Hopefully this article has helped early creators think about what they can use instead of Windows Movie Maker. Thanks for reading!