Have you tried out VSBRO yet? It's a viral social media app that's kind of like VSCO, but for bros.

If you have an iPhone, you can download the iOS app here. There is no Android app yet, but the team is working on it.

The app was built by four college bros out of UConn. They're all computer science undergrads trying to make something fun for their friends. The Kapwing founders know Andrew Burns, VSBRO's founder, which is how we heard about the app.

In the app, you can post photos from your account and add bros. There is a feed of "Trending" photos and a "Bro feed" to see what your bros have posted recently.  You can fist bump people when you like your photos and connect.

There's no editing capabilities yet, but you can use Kapwing's photo editor to add filters, text, and more before posting.