Image To Video Effects: Make Your Photo a Video With a GIF Overlay

Want to add some personality to a social media post? Use this collection of GIF overlays and image to video effects to add motion to a still image. Browse through examples and use our free tool!

Image To Video Effects: Make Your Photo a Video With a GIF Overlay

Want to add some personality to a social media post? Or convert a photo into a video? Use this collection of GIF overlays to add an animated effect to your still image.

Starting with an image, add an animated effect to bring the photo to life.

How to Add Image Effects in the Kapwing Studio

Browse through the below collection of effects to find an animated overlay to place on top of your video. Then, click on the template to create a similar video. You can also get started with a custom format by going to the Kapwing Studio and clicking "Get started."

Once you open an effect template and get started, upload the image or video that you want to overlay the effect on. Kapwing supports PNG, JPG, MOV, MP4, GIF, and most other common file types, or you can paste a URL to import an asset directly from YouTube, Google Images, etc. If your file uploads in front of the GIF overlay, use the "Move Back" buttons to rearrange the layers and push it behind the GIF.

In the Studio, adjust the size, colors, and visual elements on your video. You can add layers like animated text on top GIF. Once you click "Publish," Kapwing will process the video. Creators can save their animated image as a video MP4 or they can choose to convert their video to a GIF in Settings.

After you have your video, share it with friends, post it to Instagram or social media, or save it to your camera roll. Have fun browsing the image to video library below!

Effects: Nature


Float above the ground with this God-like rolling cloud effect.

Cartoon stars

Use this cartoon-like stars to add special emphasis to the center of the photo. The rounded stars look straight out of a Mario video game, rushing towards the viewer. It's the perfect animation when you're winning and feeling like a star, or want to highlight one subject in a video.

Twinkling Stars

Make your image shine with these twinkling stars. Your photos will glimmer like the night sky.

Falling Leaves

Spice up your photos with feelings of autumn. The falling golden leaves, reminiscent of fall, come down over your image.

Use the falling leaves effect template


In this effect, smoke drifts across the bottom half of the image. Is it a magic trick? A mirage? Use this smoke or fog effect whenever you're trying to convey the slow motion of drifting clouds.

Try the drifting smoke effect

Flying Butterflies

These beautiful monarch butterflies with orange wings add levity to your image or video. Watch them fly over your photograph, bringing feelings of spring.

Try the flying butterflies effect

Rain Storm

With this GIF overlay, rain drops fall down over your image. Add falling rain to your photo to commemorate a stormy day or emphasize the weather.

Try the rain storm image to video effect

Snow Storm

Let it snow! Use this blizzard overlay with many round snowballs falling over your photo for a fun Christmas or Holiday video. You can add in Santa Hat stickers or North Pole GIFs to add cheer to your snowy video.

Try the snow storm effect

Flying White Birds

In this GIF overlay, white birds fly across the digital canvas as if they're flying across the sky. Use it to add motion to a still nature photograph when you want to show the birds up above.

Try the flying white birds effect

Textures and Patterns

Abstract mesh

This abstract mesh adds a techno, futuristic vibe to your image. Overlay the gray mesh on top of a dramatic photo to give it abstract, artistic flair.

Abstract Spirals

These abstract shapes spiral towards the viewer, adding intrigue to your image. Moving in a circular motion into the foreground, the circles surround and emphasize the subject of your image.

Try the Abstract Spirals effect template

Geometric Lines

Add these roving lines on top of your image add a technical, futuristic tone. The lines go up and turn at sharp corners, suggesting a modern and urban movement.

Try the animated geometric lines filter

Cubic Motion

Put your photo through a geometricization such that it looks like it's moving. Apply the GIF effect in triangles, circles, or cubes to add motion to your image.


Celebrate a party with multicolored confetti! This color bomb takes over the photo to make for a festive video card. Perfect for "Happy birthday" or "Congratulations!"

Use the Confetti image to video template

Film and Theater

Curtains Opening

Let the curtains open on a big performance, surprise, debut, or introduction. These red velvet curtains will come in around your photo to make a funny or interesting video. Perfect for unveiling a new product!

Try the red velvet curtains template overlay

Vintage Film

This effect mimics the staticy film from vintage cinemas. Let the film-like crackle overlay run over your image or video to make it look like an old movie.

Try the Vintage Film Effect template

VCR Static

Like the old VCR cassettes that plaid on a vintage TV, this effect makes your images and videos get static-like horizontal lines across the middle of the video. The static drift up the screen, adding an eerie vintage look.

Try the VCR Static Lines effect

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy these effects and share them with your friends. Subscribe to the resources section as we add new filters and effects for creators.