How to Edit Videos on an iPhone

How to Edit Videos on an iPhone

All those videos you’ve taken on your iPhone need a little work before they’re ready to go into the world – cropping, color adjustment, trimming, slow motion, captions… but if you want to edit videos in your Photos app, you’re only able to trim them. In order to make further edits, you might think that you have to send your videos to a computer. And to edit on your phone, it might seem like you have to download several different apps to make all the edits you need.

But you have another option! I’m going to show you how to do all the iPhone video editing you need using a free, online tool called Kapwing. Kapwing is web-based, easy to learn, and gives you the editing functionality of a high-powered video editing software. Plus, Kapwing works well on phones, tablets, and computers, so it’s easy to work on the same video while sitting at your desk or on the go! I’m going to go through just three easy steps to edit videos on your iPhone:

  1. Find Your Video
  2. Go to Kapwing to Edit
  3. Publish & Download

Step 1: Find Your Video

Kapwing supports video uploads from pretty much any source. You can use a video you’ve recorded using your phone, one you’ve saved on your phone, or one you found on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram! If you want to edit a video you found online, just copy the link to the video. And if you want to use a video you recorded or saved to your phone, make sure you know where it is in your photo library!

If you’re using video from the YouTube, just copy the link

Step 2: Go to Kapwing to Edit

Once you have your video, it’s time to upload it and start editing! From any mobile browser, just go to to upload and edit your video. From here you have a couple of options:

  1. Use a single-function tool. If you know exactly what type of edit you need to make to your video, select “Products” at the top of the homepage. From here you can browse Kapwing’s streamlined single-function editing tools, from visual filters and meme templates to the subtitler and looper.

Single-function tools let you edit and publish in just a few seconds!

When you select any of these tools, you can immediately upload the video you want to edit and make your single edit quickly. Once you’re done editing, just select “Create Video” and Kapwing will publish your video so that it’s ready for download.

  1. Use the Kapwing Studio. If you need to make several edits to your video, or you just want to experiment with all of the tools that Kapwing has to offer, select “Get Started” from the Kapwing homepage. This will take you to the Kapwing Studio, where you can explore all of Kapwing’s editing functions in one convenient place.

Complete all your editing needs at once in the Studio!

If you need to filter your video, select your video and choose “Adjust” from the bottom toolbar. This will allow you to modify your video’s opacity, brightness, contrast, saturation, and blur. If you want to add music, you can deselect your video and choose “audio” from the bottom toolbar. And to add text, select your video layer again and press “Text” to write, edit, and arrange the text you want in your video. To add other videos to combine, choose "Add Scene" from the left menu!

Kapwing’s Studio has so much to offer – head to the Studio now to start exploring all the other tools!

Step 3: Publish & Download

Once you’ve edited your video to perfection and published it, either from the Studio or using one of Kapwing’s single-function tools, you need to go through just one more step to download it to your phone! When your video has been processed successfully, copy the page’s URL.

From Kapwing to your photo library in seconds

Once you have the video, just long press on the video to download it or click the Download button. Then, open the video in your iPhone download, click the "Share" icon, and tap "Save to device." This will save your video directly to your photo library with all of your edits.

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