How to Edit Videos on an iPad

Learning how to edit a video on an iPad can be tough for new video editors. Finding the right tool or app for your use case is the first step in success, so here are the top 5 video editors for Apple's iPad.

How to Edit Videos on an iPad

Editing videos has become a staple of many different people's lives; using all types of devices to create and edit their projects. Apple's iPad is still the most sold tablet as of 2020, so I put together a short list of the best video editing iPad apps/tools there are for new and seasoned tablet video editors.

1. Photos App Video Editor

In the same Photos app where you can look at your videos and photos, you can also trim and split clips without leaving the app. This is a very basic editing feature but probably the most used by social media users looking to crop videos to be shorter.

iPad Photos App Video Editor Screenshot
iPad Photos App Video Editor

While there isn't any advanced way to make a video, like using a timeline, if you're just looking to trim and shorten your videos, Apple's native Photos app does the job quite well.

2. iMovie

The default video editor on Apple products is iMovie. This is a very simple to learn video editor that is free for Apple users. You can trim clips, add transitions, fade audio in/out, and combine videos and photos together.

IMovie on iPad screenshot
iMovie on iPad

What's also nice is that iMovie lets you export videos up to 4k and 60fps. This should be the first app or tool that you should try out when you're starting to edit videos on your iPad.

3. Filto

Filto is a free app for the iPad that contains hundreds of animations, presets, filters, and video transitions that are perfect for social media editors.

Filto Video Editor for iPad screenshot
Filto Video Editor for iPad

There is no timeline for building a story or structure, this app is meant to finish and add another layer of pizzazz to an already edited video. You are able to trim, speed up/down, reverse and rotate your video but adding multiple video clips to the same project is not possible in Filto.

The main use case I see for an app like this is someone who creates a lot of fan cams or fan edits. Those videos often require different filters and artsy color presets to be used by stan culture.

While there are still a decent handful of free effects and features, upgrading to the paid yearly subscription of $35, which gives access to more features and no watermarks, is heavily shown and advertised throughout the GUI. It's definitely worth checking out for the filters and transitions alone because they have a great catalog of variety to choose from.

4. VN Video Editor

VN is a complete video editor that is incredibly powerful for an iPad app. This app can do everything that iMovie can do and more, for the same price of free.

VN Video Editor for iPad screenshot
VN Video Editor for iPad

You're given a clean timeline to start from and the simple and easy to navigate bottom menu makes constructing a more complicated video that much easier. Transitions, stock music/footage, SFX, and tutorials are also included in the app. There is no free version of the app, everything is included upon download for free.

VN Video Editor Transitions Screenshot
VN Video Editor Transitions

5. Kapwing

Kapwing is a free browser-based editing suite that offers many unique and helpful templates and customization options. Unlike other iPad video editors, Kapwing is not an app; this is a fully online experience that takes the processing out of your computer's responsibility and allows you to make videos without taking up space on your tablet.

Edit Video on iPad with Kapwing
Edit Video on iPad with Kapwing

Switching or formatting videos for different aspect ratios or platforms is a struggle with other editors. In Kapwing, you can decide the aspect ratio of your video, which is great for TikTok and Reels creators.

You're also able to add captions automatically with the click of one button. If you need to change or customize the look of your captions, you're able to change the colors, background, and add a shadow to your text. Any mistakes made by the auto-caption tool can be corrected by the user if there are any.

Add Subtitles to Video on iPad on Kapwing
Add Subtitles to Video on iPad

How to Edit a Video On An iPad in Kapwing

  1. Head to and click 'Get Started' and upload your video
  2. Add images/text/effects to your videos
  3. Export and save your video to your tablet

Step 1: Head to and Click 'Get Started' and Upload Your Video

On Safari, Chrome, or any other browser you have on your iPad, head to

Kapwing working on an iPad
Kapwing working on an iPad

Once you click Get Started and enter the studio, you can your first video or image that you'd like to start your video off with. You can always delete it later in the process if you want to start your video off differently. What's nice about Kapwing is that you can upload videos from your camera roll or from Google Image search which is built into the video editor.

Step 2: Add Images/Text/Effects to Your Videos

After you've added some starter media to your project, you can begin to customize it by adding text, images, effects, and much more.

Kapwing's Timeline on the iPad screenshot
Kapwing's Timeline on the iPad

If you're looking to add music or sounds to a silent video, Kapwing can add YouTube videos or music right to your project timeline. You can also play with the video's color and other details of the picture style of your video. Feel free to add as many layers as you need. Kapwing's free version still allows users to use as many audio and visual assets as they need.

Step 3: Export and Save Your Video to Your Tablet

Once you feel satisfied with your video creation, head over to the top right of Kapwing and click the big red Export button.

Kapwing's Export Page on the iPad

After your video processes, you'll be brought to this page where you can download, share, or embed your video elsewhere online. If you ever need to come back and download your video at a later time, you can do that whenever if you keep the link or if you're logged in, in your Workspace.

Out of the 5 video editors on this list VN and Kapwing are the most complete tablet video editing experiences and feel designed directly for the iPad user. If you combined using VN and Kapwing's tools and video editor, you're looking at a combination that can edit any video on your iPad like a pro.

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