How to Edit a Zoom Video Recording

Zoom lets you record meetings as they happen, so clips can be saved or kept as official records. I'll show you how to trim, caption, and watermark your Zoom recordings.

How to Edit a Zoom Video Recording

By now, everyone is using Zoom– it's a powerful and versatile tool that gives people a lot of control over their virtual meetings, chats, and events. Plus, Zoom lets you record meetings as they happen, so clips can be saved or kept as official records.

But Zoom meetings can be really long, so the videos from recorded meetings end up as massive files that take up tons of space on your computer. Here's how you can trim your Zoom recording down to the most important parts, add captions, and attach watermarks:

  1. Make your Zoom recording video
  2. Upload the video to the Kapwing Studio
  3. Trim & make your edits
  4. Process & download

OR: Get started now by uploading your recording to the Kapwing Studio.

Step 1: Make your Zoom recording video

As long as you're the host of a Zoom meeting, the app makes it super easy to record your conference. Just hit the "Record" button in the bottom toolbar to start the recording. You can press "Stop" at any point during the meeting to finish your recording, or you can keep it running until you end the meeting.

A screenshot showing how to save recordings of Zoom meetings.

When your recording is finished, it should automatically save to your computer's Documents folder. Make sure you know where to find it, and you're ready to edit!

Step 2: Upload the video to the Kapwing Studio

To start editing your Zoom recording, you'll need to upload it to the Kapwing Studio. Head over to and click "Start Editing." Here, you'll be prompted to upload your file – click "Click here to upload" and find the Zoom recording file that was saved to the "Zoom" folder in your documents. If it's an especially long video, it may take a couple minutes to upload fully to the Studio.

Step 3: Trim & make your edits

Once your video is fully uploaded, it's time to make your edits. You'll probably want to start by trimming your video down. Select your video and choose "Trim" from the right-hand menu. Using the start and end buttons, you can cut your video down to the segment you want to use. The "Add Cut" button allows you to cut out a segment from the middle of your video – this is especially useful if your group took a break in the middle of your meeting.

A screenshot showing how to trim videos in the Kapwing Studio.

Especially if you want to keep the file on your computer or share it anywhere, you should try to trim your video down to under 10 minutes in length. Otherwise, you'll need to upgrade to Kapwing Pro to publish your longer video file – this way, you can use Kapwing's free, unlimited cloud storage, as well.

Almost every other edit your video might need can be accomplished in the Kapwing Studio, too. For example, you might want to add your company's watermark to a corner of the video to share it on social media. Just choose "Upload" to add your watermark image from your computer or anywhere on the internet, and reduce its opacity to fit into your recording seamlessly.

Step 4: Process & download

When you're done making all the edits you want to make, click the red Export button in the upper right corner and Kapwing will process your video. For longer videos, this can take several minutes, so you ,ay need to be patient.

A screenshot of the Kapwing download page.

Once your video is fully published, click the "Download" button on the right side of the screen, and your file will be saved to your device. If you're not signed into a Kapwing account, sign in or sign up using your Google or Facebook account – once you've signed into a Kapwing account, the watermark in the lower right corner will be removed from your final image.

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