Why Make a Video Blurry?

Blurring a video, GIF, or image can help preserve the anonymity of those featured in it or add a certain mystery to your video. It can also help create a uniform look if you are editing multiple videos together for an advertisement and some of them are blurry. Kapwing is the first website where users can add blur from their phone or computer without needing to install any software!

Bonus points if you can guess who this is!

In this article I’ll show you how to blur a video in 3 easy steps:

  1. Upload your video to Kapwing’s studio
  2. Adjust blur
  3. Download and share

Step 1: Upload your video

Upload your video from your camera roll or computer to Kapwing’s studio. You can also import a video from YouTube, Google Drive, Giphy, Vimeo, or other websites.

Kapwing accepts all standard video and image files including mp4, MOV, jpeg, GIF, and png.

Step 2: Adjust blur

On Whole Video

Once your video preview loads, click on the “Adjust” tab in the editing panel and find the Blur setting. You can also adjust opacity, brightness, contrast, and saturation in this panel. Move the slider to the right to increase the effect and to the left to decrease it. You can always press “reset” to go back to the original video. Click create once you’ve decided on the effect.

On Part of Video

Duplicate your original video to create an overlay. Make sure both copies of the video are lined up. If you mess it up you can always delete your second video and reduplicate the original.

Crop the second overlaid video to the area you want to blur. Drag the blue circles in the corner. You can reset it if you want to go back to the original.

Once you are done, click Done Cropping. Then click adjust on the video to select your level of blur.

Watch the preview.

Step 3: Download and share

Adjust the cropping and blur as much as you need. And when you’re happy with your video click Publish!

Your video will load and you can download it and share directly to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or elsewhere.


Thanks for reading! Now you know you don’t have to be a Hollywood big shot to be a video editing pro!

Feel free to reach out to us on Twitter or over email with your feature requests and comments. Enjoy your artistic journey, and share your results with us by tagging #kapwing on Twitter, Instagram, etc.!

Kapwing’s Studio is free to use and supports images, GIFs and video clips. The output media will have a small Kapwing watermark in the corner which you can remove for a fee.