iMovie is the go-to video editor for iOS and macOS users due to its user-friendly interface, templates, and built-in effects. Unfortunately, a Windows version of iMovie isn't available to download, but there are close alternatives.

Let's discuss a few key features that make another video editor comparable to iMovie.

Animated text is essential for titles, lower-thirds, and credits. iMovie has 36 animated title templates that come alive with a quick drag and drop into the timeline. Fonts are customizable to make branded YouTube intros, type call-to-actions, and manually add captions. This feature is indispensable when creating videos on-par with cinema-quality films.

Next up, is the timeline. iMovie's timeline is easy to navigate for beginners. You can click and drag videos into the timeline and trim videos by dragging the ends. For precise edits, users can use the zoom feature to see more details and zoom out to fit videos onto the screen.

In this article, I'm covering five alternatives to iMovie for Windows. At the end, you make the call on which tool best suits your needs.

Top 5 Alternatives to iMovie for Windows

Davinci Resolve 17

The first iMovie alternative on my list is Davinci Resolve 17. This robust video editing and color correction application can be downloaded for free, but the learning curve is steep for beginners. It has extensive features to support professional video editors including HDR color grading tools, multi-cam editing, and image stabilization.

Sticking with our comparison to iMovie's key features, Davinci Resolve 17 exceeds expectations. With templates, you can create 2d and 3d cinematic titles and adjust parameters such as color, size, and font. The basic title generator lets you build titles and lower-thirds from scratch. The dual timeline feature eliminates zooming in on clips by showing two timelines for your editing needs. The upper timeline shows the entire program while the bottom timeline is always zoomed in for an optimal editing experience.  


Camtasia is an all-in-one screen recorder and video editor available to download for Windows. It's primarily targeted to educators, businesses, and entrepreneurs. In 2020, Camtasia released pre-built video templates that take the hassle out of making videos from scratch. You can find templates ranging from sleek and professional for presentations to colorful and fun for school projects.

The annotations panel lets you add call-outs, lower-thirds, shapes, and a blur effect to hide text with sensitive information. Camtasia's additional features like PowerPoint integration, interactive video quizzes, and closed captions make for engaging and accessible videos for educators. If you want to test the waters, check the system requirements, then download a 30 day free trial.


Next on the list is Kapwing. Kapwing is a free browser-based editing suite with intuitive features for creators. You can edit projects on any device with a browser, store content for up to two days, and export videos up to seven minutes long. This takes the pain out of meeting system requirements before downloading software, and saves space on your computer.

In iMovie, the 16:9 aspect ratio can't be changed, limiting video creation for multiple platforms. In Kapwing, you set the aspect ratio. That means high-quality vertical videos are possible. No more distorted videos on mobile devices and social media platforms like Instagram.

Kapwing supports most major file types including .AVI, .FLV, .MOV, .3PG and more. Once you upload a video to Kapwing, the timeline appears. In addition to uploading from your device, users can paste a video URL to add it to the studio.

This popular feature helps creators make reaction videos and funny narrations with voiceovers. You can drag and drop as many video layers as you want, and zoom into clips for a clearer view as you edit. Similar to iMovie, you can trim, split, and copy videos in Kapwing. The detach audio feature is great for swapping out audio with a new sound.

Creators have the freedom to make custom lower thirds, titles, and credits with animation. There are eleven animations to choose from including: flicker, fade, hue rotate, vibrate, drop-in, and more. Below is an example of what hue rotate, my personal favorite, looks like on text.

A notable feature by Kapwing that's missing in iMovie is the auto-captioning tool. This free tool empowers creators to make accessible content for a wide audience. Captions help ESL learners and hearing-impaired viewers comprehend content, improving overall engagement.

All you have to do is paste a link, choose a language from the dropdown list, and click auto-generate. Once the auto-subtitle tool processes the video, you can stylize text with a preferred color, size, and font.


WeVideo, an online, cloud-based video editor, works right in your browser or mobile device with the iOS and Android apps. The free version is best-suited for the occasional content creator. You get five minutes of publish time each month and videos are exported in 480p.

You can create square and vertical videos for videos viewable on different devices and social media platforms. These features support short-form content including Instagram promo videos, a quick slideshow, or a video message. Transitions can be applied to the beginning, end, or between two clips and the duration can be changed. If you upgrade to a paid plan, you can access motion titles.

Clipchamp Create

Clipchamp Create is another free browser-based video editor where you can export unlimited videos in 480p. You can use Clipchamp in a Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser on a desktop or laptop. The mobile app currently works on iOS for creators on the move.

Quick edits for a few video layers are optimal since Clipchamp Create temporarily saves copies of your files. The cloud sync feature is designated for paid plans. You can drag and drop as many videos as you want to the timeline and define the aspect ratio for a project. Clipchamp also has an impressive motion title library with a variety of templates including rolling credits, gliding text, and animated lower-thirds.

I hope this article shared helpful iMovie alternatives for Windows to support all of your video editing needs. Subscribe to Kapwing App on YouTube  to watch tutorials on viral TikTok trends and our Creator Weekly series. You can find us on Twitter us at @KapwingApp for updates across all channels. Feel free to reach out with ideas and tag us in your projects made with Kapwing so we can see what you've made!

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