When filming a scene you often want to make sure the focus is on the action in front of the camera, not the camera itself. It is vital to filming stop motions that your camera still, or at least completely under your control. Cheap tripods are available online (such as this one which comes with a remote so you can take pictures without ever touching your phone) but making your own tripod is quick, easy, and free.

In this article, I'll show you how to make a DIY tripod for an iPhone or Android phone for free from home. I used this technique to make my own tripod for capturing claymation, time lapse videos, and stop motion photos since animators need the camera to stay still. Here’s how in 3 steps:

  1. Find object
  2. Cut object
  3. Fill object
  4. (Bonus step) Use your tripod!

Step 1: Find object

Find a fairly sturdy cup-like thing you can cut with scissors. Paper or plastic works best. Coffee cups, empty yogurt containers, or takeout boxes all work well for iPhone tripods, but you can use anything similar. I used an ice cream container. Look through your recycling bin for ideas!

If you need a tripod for a tablet like an iPad, use a larger container like a milk gallon.

Step 2: Cut object

Use scissors to cut out wedges from your vessel. The wedges should be a bit wider than the thickness of your phone so that it sits vertically with the smartphone camera pointing towards the action. Pay attention to the angle at which your phone will sit when deciding how wide and deep your your wedges should be. Measure twice, cut once!

If it helps your phone fit in the makeshift tripod, you may consider taking off the phone case.

Step 3: Fill object

When you are happy with your wedges, add some weight to your tripod so it doesn’t tip over. You can use rocks, sand, or candy. The possibilities are endless! You can also use tape generously to affix your tripod to the wall or instead of weights.

You can also use a rubber band to secure the phone in your tripod or help ensure that the phone doesn't slide around.

Step 4: (Bonus step) Film your video

Rest your phone in your tripod and check to ensure that the camera is pointing in the right direction. Then, press record.

There you have it! We hope you enjoyed this simple tutorial about making a quick and dirty DIY tripod using supplies you already have at home. Let us know what you think and share any videos you create by tagging us on social media @kapwingapp