69 Funny Valentine's Day Card Memes and How You Can Create Your Own

Spice up the typical Valentine's Day card by adding a little humor with memes. In this article, I'm sharing 69 of our favorite Valentine's Day memes to add laughter to your day.

69 Funny Valentine's Day Card Memes and How You Can Create Your Own

In love? Single? It’s complicated? Regardless of your relationship status, I think we can all agree that Valentine’s Day memes are hilarious ways to ask someone “be my valentine?” In 2021, it's especially important for you to express your love or make a move virtually.

In this article, I’ll share with you 69 of our favorite funny valentines, as well as a tutorial on how to create your own funny valentines for friends and lovers alike (scroll to the bottom). You can also create a video valentine using these templates or make an ecard from scratch.

Word of caution: Not all of these valentines are SFW – some of them are cute and cheesy, while some of them are a bit adult, dirty, or inappropriate 😉

69 Funny Valentine's Day Cards

internet explorer valentine meme
Internet Explorer “Let’s Take Things Slow”

life alert valentine meme
Life Alert Infomercial “help i’ve fallen for you and i can’t get up”

john cena valentine meme
John Cena “I’ve never Cena prettier face”

eminem valentine meme
Eminem “Baby you make my palms sweaty, knees weak, arms spaghetti”

harry potter valentine meme
Harry Potter “I adumbledore you”

monsters inc valentine meme
Monsters Inc “My names not sully but you can still be my boo”

Kanye "I like you more than kanye likes kanye"

harry potter valentine meme
Harry Potter “I’ll neville let you go”

pizza valentine meme
Pizza “can i get a pizza yo heart”

nicholas cage valentine meme
Nicholas Cage “u caged my heart”

titanic valentines meme
Titanic “u be the ship & i’ll be the iceberg hittin on u”

leo dicaprio valentines meme
Leonardo DiCaprio “bby is yur name oscar, cuz i want you so bad”

star wars valentines meme
Star Wars “im not your father but you’ll be calling me daddy later”

simon cowell valentines meme
Simon Cowell “it’s a yes from me”

marie antoinette valentines meme
Marie Antoinette “babe are you the french revolution cause I’m losing my head over you”

harry potter valentines meme
Harry Potter “i long for ur bottom”

kanye lion king valentines meme
Kanye West and Lion King “Kanye feel the love tonight”

weather valentines meme
Weather “u make me moist and unstable”

hunger games valentines meme
The Hunger Games “ur starting an uprising in my district”

choking guy valentines meme
Choking Guy “you take my breath away”

flintstones valentines meme
The Flintstones “Wanna yabba dabba do it?”

paula deen valentines meme
Paula Deen “you BUTTER be my valentine”

deadpool valentines meme
Deadpool “i may have broken the fourth wall but i wil never break your heart”

toy story valentines meme
Toy Story “i’m not the only wood you’ll be playing with tonight:

panic at the disco valentines meme
Panic at the Disco “we’ll be closing the god damned door 2nite bb”

frozen valentines meme
Frozen “you are worth melting for”

illuminati valentines meme
Illuminati “i wanna get illumi-naughty with you”

weed valentines meme
Marijuana “weed be cute together”

obama valentines meme
Barack Obama “i don’t wanna be obama self this valentine’s day”

the office valentines meme
The Office “I think you’re Dwight-ful”

mean girls valentines meme
Mean Girls “u make fetch happen”

nemo valentines meme
Finding Nemo “this valentines day I’m gonna touch YOUR butt”

dora valentines meme
Dora Bowl “I think you are a Dora Bowl”

disney valentines meme
Disney Lion King “i can say u aren’t cute but id be lion”

disney valentines meme
Disney Finding Nemo “be mine?”

the office valentines meme
The Office “You may ask me out to dinner. Nothing fancy or foreign, no bars, no patios, no vegetables. And no seafood.”

billy ray cyrus valentines meme
Billy Ray Cyrus “dont achy breaky my heart this valentines day”

the office valentines meme
The Office “I DECLARE MY LOVE TO YOU! Michael Scott”

the rock valentines meme
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson “you ROCK my world”

bill nye valentines meme
Bill Nye the Science Guy “i’ve got my ion you”

buffy valentines meme
Buffy the Vampire Slayer “vampires won’t be the only thing im slaying tonight”

harry potter valentines meme
Harry Potter “One night with me and they’ll be calling you moaning Myrtle”

harry potter valentines meme
Harry Potter Draco Malfoy “would u like to Slytherin to bed with me”

george washington valentines meme
George Washington “let me give you some sugar baby tax free”

star wars valentines meme
Star Wars “Leia’s buns ain’t got nothing on yours, baby.”

mean girls valentines meme
Mean Girls “ur hair looks sexy pushed back”

toy story valentines meme
Toy Story “Do you want a friend in you?”

leo dicaprio valentines meme
Leonardo DiCaprio “u leonardo dicaptured my heart”

taylor swift valentines meme
Taylor Swift “Be mine for like two weeks”

bandaid valentines meme
Bandaid “do u have a band air bc i just scraped my knee fallin 4 u”

sharpie valentines meme
Sharpie “r u a sharpie bc ur ultra fine”

van gogh valentines meme
Vincent Van Gogh "vincent van gogh out with me"

donut valentines meme
Donut “i donut want to spend another day without you”

napolean valentines meme
Napolean Bonaparte “Let’s go have a Napolean Bonerparty”

ram valentines meme
Ram “i want to ram u with my love”

doge valentines meme
Doge “will u be my valentine”

grumpy cat valentines meme
Grumpy Cat “Everyone sucks. You just happen to suck a little bit less.”

cat valentines meme
Cat “r u feline the connection between us”

mountain dew valentines meme
Mountain Dew “i’d mount and dew you”

memes valentines meme
Memes “you meme a lot to me”

bernie sanders valentines meme
Bernie Sanders “i’ve got a berning desire for you baby”

han-solo-valentines day
Star Wars “Tonight this han doesn’t wanna fly solo”

grumpy cat valentines meme
Grumpy Cat “i hate everything (except u)”

mitochondria valentines meme
Mitochondria “ur the powerhouse of my LIFE”

wifi valentines meme
Wifi “is ur name wifi cuz im feelin a connection”

bill nye valentines meme
Bill Nye the Science Guy “i’d periodically do you on a table”

orange is the new black valentines meme
Orange is the New Black “my eyes are only crazy for you”

tea valentines meme
Tea “i’ve loved you for oolong time”

nfl tom brady valentines meme
NFL Tom Brady “I’ll drop everything to be with you.”

How to Create your Own Funny Valentine

  1. Add your own image cutout to template
  2. Add your own text
  3. Finish and share

Step 1: Add your own image

To create your own high quality, crappy Valentine’s Day card meme, head to the Kapwing Studio and get started with a blank canvas.

Click Background to select a color of your whole image. You can also change your image dimensions to 1:1 for Instagram, 9:16 for portrait/story, 16:9 for landscape, and 5:4 for Youtube, depending on how you will share it.


Now it's time to add the image cutout. Click "Upload" to upload an image from your device or copy/paste an image onto the canvas. Then, use the erase tool to remove the background from the image. Use the magic wand or the pixel eraser to remove the pixels from the background of the image and cutout the subject of the valentine.

You can also use the "Images" tab to search for PNG images as cutouts. I recommend finding an image with a transparent background (helps if you add “PNG” or “transparent” to your search).


You can also use a video or GIF in your valentine.

Step 2: Add your own text

Add your own funny text by clicking the existing text, then select a font from the dropdown menu on the right side. If you want your meme Valentine to be maximum crappy, make sure to use Comic Sans font! Otherwise you can pick whatever font you want.


Step 3: Finish and share

When you are happy with your Valentine, click Export Image in the top right corner. When your image is done loading, click Download to download the image to your device. You can then send the file to your friends directly or copy and paste the Kapwing link to share it.

Thanks for reading this article, Happy Valentine’s Day! Share your meme with us on social media @kapwingapp! And let us know your favorite crappy Valentine.

If you'd like to make some genuine Valentine ecards (sure to get an "awwwww" from your significant other) check out our article on Valentine's Day ecards. For more ideas, tutorials, and features, browse the Kapwing Resources page or our YouTube channel for more modern media tips.

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