People are getting creative on social media when it comes to photo editing trends - you can edit your photos to create a sun kissed portrait photo look or use panoramic mode to capture better vertical photos. You can edit your photos on an iPhone using the Photos App, Kapwing, or another application in the App Store. In this tutorial, I’ll walk you through the best practices for taking and editing photos on your iPhone using the Photos App and Kapwing!

  1. Framing your photo
  2. Edit your photo in the Photos App
  3. Edit & Export your photo in Kapwing

1) Framing your photo

It's not easy editing a photo that may already be ruined from the start. As a rule of thumb, photographers will follow the “rule of thirds” which is a process of composing an image using two horizontal lines and two vertical lines. By following the “rule of thirds”, you can create a more natural-looking photo, which will also make it easier to edit your photo. You can compose your photo by lining up different elements using the intersection points or sections of the grids.

To show the “rule of thirds” grid on your camera app, go to Settings on your iPhone. Scroll down until you see Camera, then toggle on the Grid option.

You can toggle on other camera features such as "mirror front photos" or "Auto HDR"

2) Edit your photo in the Photos App

The iPhone Photos App allows you to edit your photos on the go with key editing tools such as cropping, filters, exposure, shadows, contrast, saturation, and more. This is a great application for simple editing. Go to the Photos app and open a photo you would like to edit then select Edit at the top right.

Crop & Straighten: The first thing you should do is crop and straighten your photo. In this photo, I have a white dot at the top that I don’t want showing in the photo, so I’m going to crop that out. The iPhone’s straighten tool also allows you to adjust the vertical and horizontal perspective when viewing your subject.

The Photos App editing tools can be found at the bottom of the screen 

Exposure, Highlights, Shadows, and Contrast: A great photo can change instantly by fixing the exposure, highlights, shadows, and contrast. By experimenting with these tools, your photo can stand out more by looking more natural or professional. Since I want my photo to remain dark and feel like a summer evening, I will keep the colors darker, but make any lights stand out. To do this, I will change the exposure to 8, highlights to -50, shadows to 50 and contrast to -10.

Saturation & Vibrance: Increasing the saturation will change the intensity of colors in a photo. If you’d like your colors to pop, you can increase the saturation. For a night-themed photo with lights, I like to increase the saturation to 50. Vibrance will change the intensity of more muted color tones such as the blue sky in our photo example.

Use the slider tool to change the amount of saturation or vibrance in a photo

Continue experimenting with different editing tools in the Photos app such as filters to understand styles that you like or don’t like!

3) Edit & Export your photo in Kapwing

If you’d like to do more with your photo such as add text, create a collage, or show a before and after photo, Kapwing is an application that can help you.

First, go to in the Safari app on the iPhone then select Start Editing. From here, select Click to upload and find your photo in your photo library. Once your photos are uploaded, select Edit image, and you will see different features such as adjust, crop, erase and rotate. Click adjust and scroll down to view the editing tools. Adjust the look of your image by using the slider tools and click Done Adjusting when you’re satisfied with your edits.

To add text, select the text tool at the top and a “sample text” will appear. Move the text to a desired spot on the photo. You can view more text editing tools such as changing the font, text color or adding an outline, which is what I did. When you’re finished editing your photo click Export Image on the top and click Download on the next page.

I hope this article taught you some new tips for taking and editing your photos on an iPhone. Don’t forget to share your photos on social media and tag us @KapwingApp so we can show support for our creators! If you want to check out more photo editing tutorials visit our Instagram and YouTube pages where we post new videos every week. We also have more photo editing tutorials on our Resources page which are updated constantly!

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