Chromebooks are simple, speedy, and budget-friendly alternatives to laptops packed with features to try out like the built-in camera. Exploring new features can be unnerving, but practice makes perfect.

Once you're comfortable with the camera app, you'll be snapping photos like a pro to send in emails or upload as homework assignments to Google classroom. Additional features like the timer and grid lines ensure you'll be picture perfect before pressing the shutter button. You can take your pictures to the next level with an online editor. With a few clicks, you can add filters, text, GIFs, and more to create engaging pictures for social media, blog posts, and more.

In this article, I'll show you how to take a picture on a Chromebook and edit the picture in Kapwing.

Step One: Open the Camera App

Click the launcher icon in the bottom left corner then click the arrow to pull up your applications. From here, click the camera icon. You can also type camera in the search bar to show the camera app.

screenshot of a Chromebook screen with a finger pointing to the launcher icon

screenshot of the application screen on a Chromebook with a finger pointing to a camera

Step Two: Take a Picture

Position yourself in front of the camera and tap the grey shutter icon to take a picture. You can click square to change the format and use the timer on the left side to delay the shutter release. You can choose a three second or ten second delay. On the right side, you can mirror the picture by clicking the flip icon and click the gridlines icon to straighten the picture. Click the settings icon to change the size of the grid and the camera resolution.

screenshot of how to take a picture on a chromebook

Step Three: View the Picture

Click the thumbnail in the bottom right corner to view your latest picture.  

screenshot of where a thumbnail in located on a Chromebook

Step Four: Edit the Picture

To make your picture pop, I recommend using an online editor. In this section, I'm using Kapwing a browser-based video editor to make a few more adjustments to my picture. You can use Kapwing on any iPhone, Android, tablet, or PC with a browser.

Get started by opening Kapwing in your browser then click start editing. Drag and drop your picture into the studio or click upload to add it from your Chromebook. You can change the output size on the right side of the studio and choose from our popular sizes for social media by clicking custom.

screenshot of Kapwing Studio with a finger pointing to the output size

Add a filter by clicking adjust, then choose from 18 filters to create the perfect aesthetic. To change the opacity, saturation, brightness, contrast, and more click adjust.

screenshot of a filters in Kapwing

You can crop your picture, overlay images, remove the background, and add text until you get the desired look. To add a border, click an option under expand padding and change the background color to highlight your picture.

screenshot of how to add a border in Kapwing

Step Five: Export and Download

When you're happy with the results, click export image at the top right corner of the studio. You can create a free Kapwing account with your Google or Facebook login credentials to remove the watermark or skip right to clicking the download button to save it to your Chromebook.  

screenshot of how to export an image in Kapwing

Whether you're a student taking pictures of your homework for school or having fun with the camera for social media, you should be all set to take photos with a Chromebook. Check out the related articles below to learn more. If you're into TikTok, head over to our YouTube channel for the latest trends and follow us on Twitter for updates. If you've made a project in Kapwing, tag us on social media so we can see your work!

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