Selling a used car can be a challenge, but creating a video to sell your car can distinguish it from other ads and create trust with potential buyers in a way that text or image posts can't. Compiling clips of your car, then adding animated text and music can upgrade your used car advertisement and has never been easier. In this article, we'll provide tips for making your car look attractive to buyers and show you how to create a video to sell it. Here's an example of what it could look like:

I used stock footage to create this example – don't mind the changing car models!

There are four steps to selling your car using video:

  1. Collect images/video clips of the car
  2. Upload them to Kapwing Video Maker
  3. Add animated text and music
  4. Download and share on social media

Step 1: Collect images/video clips of the car

The quality of your visuals is one of the most important factors in how attractive your car will be to buyers.

Here are some tips to capture your car in all its glory:

  • This should go without saying: clean your car before the photoshoot! Wash the outside, tidy up the inside.
  • Film with good lighting – read up on our advice for DIY lighting.
  • Take a variety of shots – 360º view of the outside of the car, different angles inside, while its driving, etc.

And don't be afraid to get creative! Telling the story of your car and the life it's had so far can appeal to viewer's emotions, capture attention, and ultimately create more leads on buyers. You could include photos of yourself taking care of the car, the adventures you've had with it...share its story!

Step 2: Upload them to Kapwing Video Maker

Compile your video clips and images in Kapwing's Video Maker (alternatively, choose one of our animated text video templates for a quick and easy start – just replace the images and text).

If you're using the Video Maker, click "Get Started", then upload your clips and images in one go.

  • Trim clips by clicking “Trim” on the right side when the video is selected, then move the ends of the purple bar to indicate the section you want to use.
  • Rearrange the order of the videos/images by dragging and dropping them.
  • Change the video dimensions on the left sidebar – you can optimize it for Instagram posts and stories, Facebook, and YouTube.

Click "Create" once you're satisfied with the arrangement of clips.

Step 3: Add animated text and music

Make your video advertisement more engaging and informative by adding text and music! On the download screen from the last step, click "Open in Studio."

Click "Open in Studio" to add text and music

  • Then add text using the "Text" button in the Menu bar. Animate the text to make the video look more professional by choosing "Animate" in the Menu bar and selecting the type of animation you like. To adjust the timing of text: choose "Timeline" in the main menu bar and move the purple bars to where you want each caption to appear.
  • To add music, choose "Audio" in the Menu bar – you can upload the file or copy and paste a link.

Because people can be wary of used car ads, it's important to make your ad look legitimate. You can build trust with your viewers by providing information about the car. It's your call on how much detail you want to provide upfront, but some suggestions are:

  • the price you're asking for
  • the car model and year
  • your contact info
  • features you want to highlight
  • imperfections you want potential buyers to be aware of

Step 4: Download and share

Hit "Publish" when you're satisfied with your video, then download the finished product! Now that you've made your video, get the word out – you can do this by copy and pasting the video page link! Publicize the video by posting on online car sale boards and social media, and even by sending emails with the video embedded to individuals who you think may be interested.

If you ever want to make other edits or share the video with other people, just go to “My Account” from the Kapwing homepage and find the video in your library. This will allow you to download the video again, share it with your friends, or return to the Studio to make further edits!

For more ideas, tutorials, and features, check back in at the Kapwing Resources page or our YouTube channel!