There are more apps on the App Store than ever, and with Swift UI coming into popularity, more people than ever are building their own apps. The App Store submission process is pretty easy, but there's always one tedious part that gets in the way of quickly shipping. In this guide I'll show you how to throw together a couple App Store screenshots that look nice and are easy to make.


  1. Save screenshots of the app
  2. Set canvas & upload screenshots in Kapwing
  3. Add borders + text (+ other edits)

1. Save Screenshots

Whether your'e designing each screen or already using the app, I recommend you take screenshots directly from the device. For this example, I'll try to rebuild a simple version of the Twitter App Store screenshots. I went in to the Twitter iOS app and took a few screenshots for myself, then saved them to my computer. The App Store allows you to upload up to 10 pictures, but the first 5 are the important ones and most apps have under 8. Twitter, in fact, only has 5.

2. Set Canvas & Upload Screenshots in Kapwing

When you first enter the Studio you'll want to start with a blank canvas. This part is important - Apple requires 2 sizes of screenshots and you're responsible for making both. Here's Apple's guide explaining how you need to upload the 6.5-inch and the 5.5-inch sizes, and Apple will default the other size screens to the uploaded sizes. You can specify the canvas sizes to be 1242 x 2688 and 1242 x 2208 (independently) in Kapwing on the right side of the studio. I also changed the background color of the canvas. I quickly looked up the hex color for Twitter's blue (using this color checker) and filled it into Kapwing. Finally, add the app screenshots by clicking the upload button in the top left and finding one image at a time to upload.

3. Add Borders + Text (+ Other Edits!)

First crop your photo and make any other adjustments that will affect the size, I cropped the top and bottom out to focus on the app. I also added a border to my image, added text to the top, and added a line under the text. You can make a ton of easy edits right from the studio like adding shapes or easily adding more image layers.

Bonus! Duplicate + Republish

Now that you've successfully made one screenshot, you can do the same thing for new ones really easily! Find the image you created in your workspace and click the three dots to reveal the "Make a Copy" button. Make the copy and simply swap the screenshot out and edit the text.

Kapwing makes all sorts of super simple content editing tools, and all for free! Check some other tutorials out:

Thanks for reading!

Devan Sood