How to Make Impact Font Memes

Impact is a classic font to use for memes. We have the best ways you can create your own right now.

How to Make Impact Font Memes

If there is one thing that links most memes together - besides the irreverent humor - it's the use of the Impact font. This bold, big font has been one of the staples of internet memes since the internet perfected the art.

As memes have grown to be a main-stay of the internet experience, creating these kinds of memes has never been easier: all you need to do is head to Kapwing.

Step One: Head to Kapwing's Template

A screenshot of the Kapwing meme template page.
Kapwing's Impact font meme template

Kapwing offers an easy-to-use template that allows you to create a fully-customized version of an Impact font meme. While the site offers plenty of other options that you can use to start from scratch, this is the easiest way to create a meme quickly.

On the template page, simply click on the bigMake It” button to go to the creation page.

Step Two: Fill Out the Template

The template is easy to understand and you will see exactly what you need to change.

A screenshot of the Kapwing Impact meme teplate.
You can add any image and text to your meme. 

Simply click on theMeme Top Text” and “Meme Bottom Text” to change the words on the image to whatever you want them to be. Be sure to not get too wordy with your text as it can throw off your entire meme.

However, if you do find yourself having to use more words, you can always lower the font size.

A screenshot of the Kawping upload screen.
Adding an image to the template. 

You can then click on the button that saysReplace” next to the image of a camera to upload whatever photo you want to use for your meme. You can do this by either uploading the photo from your computer or simply paste a URL in the box at the bottom.

Step Three: Export Your Meme

A screenshot of the Kapwing processing scren.
Kapwing will export your meme via their cloud.

Once you have it looking how you want it, click on Export Image in the top-right corner of your screen. The image will then be processed and exported to your profile on Kapwing, via the cloud.

You can find it waiting for you in your Workplace, where you can download it, edit it, and change the name to whatever you want to call it. And if you see something that you want to change or maybe over-looked, then you can go back in and edit the image.

The image stays there for as long as you remain a member of Kapwing, which as a free service, you really have no excuse not to.

With this template, you will have an Impact font meme up and running in no time, and even better: Kapwing has a ton of other templates you can work with. Head over to the site and check out what they have to offer.

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