How to Make a Welcome Channel in Discord

Adding a Welcome channel to your Discord server can help it look fantastic. Then Kapwing can help you customize it further.

How to Make a Welcome Channel in Discord

Part of creating and maintaining a great Discord server is to have the right kind of channels for your community to go to. These channels can be centered around specific topics, types of conversation, and the proper messages. This includes a Welcome channel, so that any newcomers to your server have a place where they can get the general idea of what your server is about.

Discord can make this entire process pretty simple, and once your channel is created, you can use Kapwing to create the various emotes and other aspects of your Welcome channel.

  1. Create the Channel on Discord
  2. Personalize Channel with Kapwing

Step One: Create the Channel on Discord

The process of creating a channel on Discord is very simple, and as you can guess, it starts with going to your Discord server in the Discord app on your computer.

You can create a new channel right from the Discord homepage.

On the left-side of the window, you will see all the different servers you are a part of. Find the icon for the server you want to add the Welcome channel to and right-click it. On this drop-down menu, click on Create Channel.

You can customize how your channel works.

A new, smaller window will come up on which you can choose to have the channel be text-based or a voice channel. You can then enter the name of the Welcome channel into the text box beneath this. Finally, you can choose whether the channel will be private or public, meaning whether or not the channel will only have specific people able to see it or everyone on the server. Since it’s a Welcome channel, we recommend setting it to public.

With those settings done, click on Create Channel.

Step Two: Personalize Channel with Kapwing

With the channel now created, it’s time to start getting everything set and ready to go. This means that you can customize the Welcome channel in a few different ways to get it how you want it to look. I recommend using Kapwing to create your channel and server assets, with templates to make every step easier.

Create Custom Emotes

Kapwing has a template for icon creation.

You can use Kapwing to create your very own emotes to use in the Welcome channel. You can use your own image using the template from Kapwing, and then import that image into your Discord server.

Create Discord Stickers

Kapwing lets you create your own discord stickers.

Much like emojis and GIF’s, stickers are a way for you to interact with different members of your channel. And with so many parts of Discord, you can use your own stickers once you have created them. Kapwing’s Discord Sticker template can help you out here, providing you the easiest way to use any image that you want, and export it as a Discord sticker.

However you make it look, having this new Welcome channel will help your server look great and give it a more professional look to it. It also will make the community a lot of more accessible to newcomers, which is always a good thing.

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