You’ve probably heard the phrase “Don’t take anything personally”. When it comes to a captivating sales email, you probably should take it personally! Emails that include graphics such as images or videos have a higher open rate and click-through rate (CTR) than emails that don’t. The best copy won’t succeed without an appealing visual and that’s why it’s important to include personalized images for sales emails.

I’m going to show you how to create unique and personalized images to attach to sales emails using a free collaborative platform called Kapwing! Here are the steps:

  1. Understand your users and the call to action
  2. Find inspiration for images for sales emails online
  3. Create your image in Kapwing
  4. Download and attach your image to an email

Step 1: Understand your users and the call to action

Analyze your audience demographics and understand what hobbies they like, what social media platforms they use, and what their spending habits are. If you’re trying to increase sales of a product, you might want to offer a coupon for an upcoming holiday. If you want to build loyalty around your brand, you can introduce a rewards program where customers can sign up directly from the email. Whatever your call to action is, a block of text could actually do the opposite of what you want from your customers. However, a vibrant and clear photo attached to the email can entice customers to redeem a coupon or sign up for a loyalty program.

Step 2: Find inspiration for images for sales emails online

Think about the sales emails you receive from brands you love. Notice that the images are large enough that they take up the entire mobile or desktop screen, they were made specifically for the brand, the color schemes stay within brand guidelines, and the call to action is easily identifiable (happy birthday or redeem this offer now).

Examples of sales email images from popular brands

Step 3: Create your image in Kapwing

I will be creating an image for a made-up local coffee company that includes a 10% or 25% off offer that can be redeemed online. Head over to the Kapwing Studio and select Get Started, then select Start with a blank canvas. As a rule of thumb, a good canvas size for images in an email is 600 pixels to 650 pixels and the best resolution is 360 x 640. To change the size of your canvas, go to the right-side panel and enter 360 x 640px as the custom size.

Next, we will choose a background color that matches the coffee company’s color scheme which will be dark brown, white, and yellow. On the right-side panel locate the background color section and choose a color. You can view more colors by clicking the paint bucket.

Text is an important part of the sales image because it includes the call to action, which helps generate leads and conversions. Click on Text at the top toolbar then, type “25% off” (or another discount that applies to your business) and place it in the middle of the image. Change the font size and style by navigating the right-side panel and using the drop-down menu to view your options. Text should be bold and easy to read, so you should avoid cursive and stick to using sans-serif fonts. If you want to create text that resembles a button, select the paint bucket under Text Background Color. I created a button that says “Redeem Online” with a yellow-orange text background color.

I’m going to select Images, search for “coffee” and place the image on the top half of the photo so users understand my company sells coffee.

Using additional images such as clip art or transparent icons can help create depth in the image. I searched “coffee beans png” so the results can show transparent images. I will place the coffee beans in the blank space underneath the coffee cup to add depth and texture to my photo. Remember that less is more, and creating a simple photo with a clear call to action is all you will need! Since the image is editable, you can change the deals to 10%, 25% or 50% off.

Step 4: Download and Attach your image to an email

On the top-right select Export Image and wait a few seconds before you are taken to the next screen. Select Download and your image will be saved to your device.

I hope this tutorial has taught you a few things about finding, creating, and attaching personalized images for your sales emails. Don’t forget to tag us @KapwingApp on social media - we love supporting creators and small businesses! If you’re interested in learning more about our platform, view the Resources page for articles and tutorials to boost your creativity.

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