Owning an iPhone 6s means having a full-service multimedia studio at your fingertips. But it's been over 6 years since the iPhone 6s was released, and technology advances so fast that it might not have the editing features you need.

In this article I'll go over the edits you can make using the built-in software on your iPhone 6s, once you've updated your phone to iOS 14. I'll also outline some other edits that still aren't supported on your phone, and some easy ways to accomplish any edit you need. Let's get started!

What can I edit in my Photos app?

Since the iPhone 6s is the oldest generation of iPhone that supports iOS 13 & 14, you should make sure you've installed the most recent software version available for your device. If you've had your iPhone for years and you're hesitant to update it, you should at least make sure that it's not running anything older than iOS 13 – that software update marked a huge landmark in iPhone video-editing capabilities.

Everything that came with iOS 13 is still available in iOS 14 and contain many tools for you to make edits to individual videos. To use these features, go to the Photos app, select a video, and click the Edit button in the top right corner. You'll be able to trim your video, mute it, adjust its lighting, add filters, crop, and resize it using the editing tools that appear on the bottom of the screen.

What can I edit in iMovie?

On newer devices, the iMovie mobile app is built in, but you may need to download the app on your iPhone 6s if you want to use its additional editing features. It allows you to add preset text styles to your videos, combine multiple clips into a single video, and add audio tracks & video transitions.

How can I make other edits?

If you need to make other edits, you have a couple options. You can download apps onto your device or edit your videos on a computer using the desktop version of iMovie or Adobe Premiere. However, external apps take up space on your device, can cost money, and are not always optimized for creating social media content.

Another option is a video editing software that works in the browser of any device called Kapwing. It enables you to edit and store your videos in the cloud and doesn't require downloading any external apps. Kapwing has almost every tool included in the Photos, iMovie, and Clips app, and can help make other edits you may need:

Overlay photos and text on videos
Cut out parts of video
Merge videos
• Add any song/audio track
Export as GIF
• Make PNG images
• Change video speed
Make video collages
Animate videos
• Create audio waveforms

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